Meet the Girl Squad

For this week’s Wedding Wednesday I thought it was about time I properly introduced you to the girls, the ones who’ve been through it all with me, my amazing bridesmaids who will no doubtly help me keep my shit together on our big day.

I was so excited to make their little boxes and then one by one meet up with each of them for the day in order to “propose” to them. So without further ado, let me introduce you to my girls! Chances are you’ve actually already met a few, if not all of them by now!


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My baby sister, best friend, and the one who’s always been there- literally my entire life. I won’t get all sappy on here because I could fill an entire novel with how much Amilee means to me. All I want is her happiness and I would literally sacrifice my life for her if i ever needed too (dark- I know, but so real).  I cannot picture my life without my sister. I hope when Joey and I someday have kids of our own, that we will have siblings that love eachother and have each other’s backs the way my sister and I do. She’s just everything. I cry just thinking about not having her. We talk  Facetime every day and most of the time it’s just while I’m brushing my teeth and we aren’t even saying anything, just seeing eachother and then saying goodnight.  I love this woman like no other and am over the moon excited for her to be my maid of honor. Would not have it any other way.


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SKYPIE!! My beautiful, stunning niece! I was 12 years old when Skylar was born and was immediately obsessed with being an Aunt. It’s been the hardest thing watching her grow up across the country in Indiana and I wish more than anything that we were able to be around more to watch her soccer games, help her get ready for school dances, etc. But soon enough!! She wants to come to California for college and I could not be more on board with that! Even though she’s only 15 and has some time to go. I absolutely love my family and it was a pretty big deal to me that my niece be included in our big day and know that she has family out here in California that love her! 



My oldest friend and one that is so close I literally consider her family. And good thing, because my family literally considers her family. Growing up our parents used to drop us off at each others houses for play dates, we’d have sleepovers where we’d stay up all night, we even celebrated our birthday’s together with a lua when we turned 13. I’m pretty sure Natalie has on more than one occasion, gone to breakfast with my mom or with my sister, without me even knowing about it #rude. But, also kinda of nice. I feel very blessed to have a best friend who knows (probably wayyyy) too much about my family as a whole and to have someone just get me so perfectly because they get where I came from. Also, in high school I was once a bully and kicked her crutches after she had had surgery….she fell over and I didn’t help her up….so for her to still be friends with me is pretty magical. I LOVE YOU NATALIE ROSE AND I’M STILL SORRY.



Ahhh, the good ol times where we used to live in NOLA ^^^

Cynthia and I met in college, where we both played soccer. Funny story, she’s actually my sister’s age and came in with my sister when she started playing for my college team and they were actually friends first, then I won Cynthia over with my charm 😉 lol jk, kinda. We just clicked naturally and then immediately bonded over our joint love of The Office. Not going to lie, I don’t think we’ve ever had a conversation where we don’t slide in a little Office reference or joke. I actually spoke at her wedding and couldn’t get through anything I had planned (due to emotionally crying hysterically) except for a single phrase from the show. Cynthia’s the one who will straight up let me know if a photo looks ridiculous, not good enough, or just bleh. I have a blind trust in her about just about everything and knowing she has my best interests in mind is the absolute best. She’s low key like my guru for sure and makes me (even when I know I’m being crazy) feel like I’m completely sane and everyone else is crazy. Our friendship is one I treasure and is just unlike any other.



Vanessa and I also met in college and were meer aquaintances for a while before Joey and I started dating. Once we started dating, I began spending alot of my time with Vanessa, as her then boyfriend, now husband, is Joey’s best friend. We instantly became best friends and bonded over our shared desire to compete with our boyfriends and be better than them at nearly every game. I was over the moon when Vanessa asked me to be her MOH when she and Chris tied the knot and I am equally estatic for her to be up there with me now that it’s my turn!! I would (and actually have in a sense) gone to war for this girl. Much like any friendship, I like to stand up for my friends and make sure they’re being treated right. Let’s just say I’ve had to deal with some trolls in the past and put them in their place for Vanessa, and I’d do it over and over for her. 


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Steph and I met, also thanks to college soccer. I’m not sure just how our friendship started but we immediately began having sleepovers, hanging out with each others parents, walking to soccer practice together, walking to Bayramian Hall (where we both worked as student-athlete tutors) together, and stopping for coffee breaks throughout the day. We share a deep obsession with chai tea and have actually joked (although I’m seriously looking into it) about getting some sort of chai tea fountain to supply a never ending supply while we are getting ready for the big day! Steph is one of the purest souls I’ve ever met. She is pure joy and finds positivity in every situation. Funny little story, she was actually the only one who knew of my secret crush on Joey (because I was already in a relationship) for probably a good year before I finally called it quits and allowed myself to be single and thus start a friendly relationship with the man of my dreams. Would ya look at how things work out?!?! She kept my secret the entire time and then supported mine and Joey’s relationship from the very start.  



Again, shoutout to Northridge Women’s soccer program for this amazing friendship. Katie and I met thanks to college soccer but actually became much closer after we had both stopped playing and had graduated. We started working for the same soccer coaching program and because of that started hanging out alot before and after sessions. We started having movie nights, going on runs together, making dinners together, having Starbucks meet ups, etc. Katie actually moved out of California a month before I did- giving me allll the necessary advice and bringing us even closer. Katie is one of those people who is just up for anything and is always having a good time with a smile on her face. She exudes happiness and that’s always something I’ve loved about her and have always felt inspired to be more like in my day to day life. We have weekly check ins with eachother which really make even the worst of work days seem like nothing in the bigger scheme of things. 


(Just missing Steph in this photo)^^

Well, those are my girls! Do a lot of you have best friends whom you’ve met in college? There is that saying that “college is for finding your bridesmaids,” and I guess that rings pretty true for me!

Anyone lucky enough to have long lasting friendships that have lasted a few decades?!? (Shoutout to Natalie for putting up with me for 20 years!)

Let me know in the comments below! 




  1. You and your ladies are going to look so good together on your big day! Can’t wait to see the dress(es) you guys pick out. We didn’t have a wedding party. Since our guest list was so small, it didn’t make much sense to have half our guests standing up front with us and the other half just watching.

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