Dress shopping- trying on something out of the ordinary.

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A couple weekends ago, (THANKFULLY) I got to finally try on some dresses and possibly THE dress with my sister and my best friend Cynthia,  who I mentioned was back home and able to visit for a very short time. I really wanted to make sure there was a day where I could try on some dresses with her, as being there when she tried on dresses for the first time was sooooo exciting for me!

You’ve met Cynthia before and she’s actually the only person I’ve ever had guest blog  here OnAnotherCoast. To read her post click the link here!!! She’s one of my closest friends and in addition to my family and my fiance, is one of the people I actually talk to nearly every day.  Because she really does just get me, it was important to me that she be able to see the one dress that I am considering as my dress and then to see her opinion on some other dresses as well.

It is also all because of her that I did end up going out of my comfort zone and liking some dresses that I would have otherwise never even picked up off the rack. For example, some pretty skin revealing numbers that I would normally consider to risqué for me, actually ended up fitting really well and not looking as I thought it would. I am also very self conscious of my arms and shoulders. Thanks to college soccer, I felt like I really bulked up and had the arms of a body builder and ever since then, I’ve always just been super self conscious about it. Even though I’m well aware that my arms have since deflated and I can no longer lift a bar greater than 40 lbs and that’s really pushing it. So because of that, I do want some coverage on my shoulders and arms, the last thing I want is to worry about what angle is making my arms look huge on my wedding day.

Cynthia knows this all too well- she approves most my instragram photos and knows that my greatest concern is always how my arms look. None the less, she did pull some dresses that were sleeveless and I really did like them! I am now considering a few different styles now for my second dress that I would have otherwise completely shut down.

My advice for any brides out there is to #1 take your best friend(s) with you.  And make sure they’re the ones who are going to give their honest opinion- not just “yes man” you the entire time. It’s okay if something doesn’t flatter you like it should. But don’t you want to know that before you get attached to something? #2 if those friends don’t make you try something different on, do it for yourself.  I’m completely on board with the notion that something on the hanger looks ENTIRELY different once it’s on a body. I also think that before you can really know which dress “style” is for you (A-line, ballgown, mermaid, trumpet, mini, sheath, etc)  you should really give them all a shot and narrow it down once you have.

Any future/past brides out there feel the same way??




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