Our 1st Bridal Expo

Hi friends!

This weekend Joey, my sister, mom, future mother-in-law, and I all went to our first Bridal Expo together! The day was super exciting and so much fun to do together as a group! Below is my list of pros and cons after attending our first expo!

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  • Free stuff! Once you check in, you immediately get a big tote bag to carry around with you. We also got a few copies of various wedding magazine publications! I was super excited about that. And at most vendors, they give you free samples. Or in the case of photo booths, you get to try them out and leave with your own copies! 
  • Information, information, information!  You literally get SO much information that this might also have to be on the CONS list. There are tons of booths and vendors all set up ready to sell you on their product. For us, we don’t mind being straight forward and telling someone if we aren’t interested, but if you don’t speak up, you’ll get stuck wasting your time listening to a pitch you don’t even want to hear in the first place. 
  • New, unique vendors & latest trends: Most vendors that attend these expos have paid to be there and are usually, from what I could tell, pretty up to date with the latest “wedding vibes” or pinterest trends. For example, everyone knows you HAVE to have a Photo Booth at your wedding for your guests, BUT did you know you could have a photo mirror where guests can take life-size photos and write messages with their finger? We saw a lot of unique takes on the classic “photo booth” and have actually set aside a few different vendors’ cards that we’re interested in booking!
  • Venues!!! We had the opportunity to talk to a few different venues who had tents and brochures set up, places I’d never even heard of throughout all my online researching! “Venues” also make the CON list so read through to see why!. BUT literally the biggest shock of the entire day came from learning about a venue! We met a lady who works for a company that literally rents private residencies (think entire mansions all to you and your guests for 3 days for your wedding), and they’re all located throughout California. This is the same company who recently threw Amy Schumer’s “private residence” wedding in Malibu. Aaaaannnddd, guess who’s seeing that same villa in the upcoming weeks!!!!! (me!!!!!) I’m so excited!
  • Travel Agencies: Anytime we’ve booked any vacation, which let’s be honest- is typically just a road trip in which we get a map from AAA and hit the road-we’ve never used a travel agency or anything like that. Nor have we booked a vacation where its literally entirely planned. This is something I’m super interested in for our honeymoon. We met a few different travel agencies that offer full 3 day to 14 day honeymoon excursions, wherever you want! Of course you’ve got to have the $$$ to do so, but they’ll plan your days, your hotel stays, the whole shebang! Because we’re planning on going out of the country for our honeymoon, I’m thinking I’m going to need some professional help figuring things out lol. 
  • Ideas! Okay so, first off, if you don’t feel like you can bring a vision, creatively or artistically, to life, then 100000% I believe you should leave it to the professionals. Now I don’t want to brag, but I like to think I’m somewhat creative and can DIY things just fine (only time will tell). That being said, I did jot down a lot of decor ideas that I saw throughout the expo that were clearly being sold by the vendors, BUT I happen to think I could DIY it just fine myself! The expo became a little bit like a real life pinterest board to me in that sense 🙂 


  • Information: Again, going in, you’ve got to stick to your guns and only talk to the vendors that you’re actually interested in. We saw a lot of vendors trying to sell mascara, makeup products, etc or even photography vendors that we just weren’t interested in. Don’t waste your time hearing their pitch if you already know it’s not going to change your mind. 
  • Timeshares! WHY DO EXPOS LET THESE PEOPLE IN!!! Joey and I knew right away but our moms had some trouble and got sucked in a few times. You know those companies who say “sign up, come to our 1 hour video presentation, and then you get a free trip to Hawaii!” We walked by about 4 of these different companies and I just wanted to scream. 
  • Lines: You immediately know who the “hot” vendors are. They typically have lines of about 10-15 other people waiting to check them out. 
  • Venues: A LOT of the venues that attended the particular expo I went too, happened to be local hotels throughout the area. I wasn’t too fond of this because most people know where hotels are located and can just google the area if they’re looking to get married at a hotel. I wanted to see some unique, unheard of venues that are secret gems throughout the area. (This might also be biased because I’m not really into hotel weddings aaaannnndd not really into country club weddings either, so I’m already so difficult to please in the venue arena!) 
  • NO TASTING: I was so disappointed that we didn’t see a single vendor for wedding cakes or desserts. I thought we were going to be able to try some stuff and possibly find a good bakery to have make our cake!

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Well that’s my list! So far, at least! We are planning on attending another expo in June so we’ll see! Have any of you been to an expo before? What did you think?



ps- shockingly, these Mickey Mouse ears are NOT my own and were actually given to me by one of the photo booth vendors 🙂


  1. I used to work wedding expos when I was in college. My best friend was a wedding planner and she would pull her best friend card to get me to help her arrange the event and even work them. I was the wedding gown fashion show coordinator for 2 years! I’ve been to a handful of expos and I’ve found that the smaller they are, the better. Basically, there are 2 types of expos: first is the one where any vendor who wants to join in can, and the second is very limited because they don’t too much competition among vendors since it (obviously) can be overwhelming for guests. The last one I went to (where I found my videographer) only had 3 caterers (all with samples), 2 photographers, 2 videographers, 3 dj/music companies, 2 hair/makeup companies, and 2 wedding planning/day of coordinators. It was being held by a venue itself and they partnered with one local bridal dress boutique who put on the bridal gown fashion show. It was very relaxing and still very informative. 🙂

    BTW I recently posted my experience with wedding planning so far… you should check it out!

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    • I am headed to your page right now! I totally agree with your feedback! This Expo was huge so it was super overwhelming. I would’ve like a smaller, more intimate event for sure!


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