Joshua Tree is for the girls.

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How in the world is itย alreadyย the Friday before Easter. eeeeekkk. Where has this week gone?!? I feel like I’ve had zero time to update you guys on what’s happening over here in soon-to-be-Franco world. But this’ll be short- because there aren’tย anyย new updates as far as the whole wedding planning goes. I have some appointments at bridal boutiques for Round 2 (of trying to find a dress) scheduled for April 8th, so fingers crossed that goes well! This weekend I actually kicked wedding planning to the curb and ran out to the desert with a bunch of my former college soccer teammates for a good ol’ fashioned reunion- only this was SO MUCH BETTER than your basic reunion.


Here’s why- one of my girlfriends’ owns her own company where she designs costumes and accessories for festivals and raves. Her company is called RML Designs and you can use the link here to shop her things! She’s absolutely amazing at what she does, I’m pretty sure she’s actually the most creative person I know. I mean, how amazing are her designs?!?!?! If she made wedding dresses, I would for sure have her design mine! aaaannndd I actually might have to force her to make me something….if I keep having such bad luck!


So anyways, this weekend we all went out to the desert where we got an AirBNB and dressed up in all her costumes shooting content for her website. That’s 3 checks on how to have the greatest girls trip ever: amazing location. CHECK. favorite people. CHECK. awesome outfits/accessories. CHECK.

I feel so very lucky to have some bad-ass, amazing friends; the type of friends that no matter how much time (or distance) goes by, you’re still all the same people once you’re together again. As we get older and things are changing within our lives (3 of us are engaged now!) it’s nice to know that we all still care and will always be there for each other, no matter what we’ve got going on in our own lives.


Anyone else have friends like that?!? I sure hope you do! It’s so funny, back in the college days, we actually used to bet on who we thought would be married first. None of us have an recollection of who we said back then, but THIS time, we made bets on the order in which we would all have kids, and we actually documented everyone’s thoughts. So I guess only time will tell! Katie- my bets all on you first!!

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I hope everyone out there is having an amazing week and has a very blessed Easter!





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