My current Netflix round-up

So last week I was stuck in bed with an awful head cold. I won’t call it the flu because I never had a fever or anything but I had the worst migraine, body aches, sore throat, and cold I think I’ve ever had without it being the full blown flu.

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Because of that, I had an ample amount of tv time. Below is a list of what I’ve been watching!

  • Rules of Engagement:  So naturally, with being newly engaged, I decided what the heck, I’ll start the show and see how it goes (I never watched when it was on air). Surprisingly enough, I actually really love it and think it’s so funny.
  • When We First Met: This is a Netflix original film and a pretty funny one at that. It did take us like 4 nights to get through it though….you know, once that NyQuil kicks in there’s no fighting it to stay awake. ooopppsss.
  • The Crown: I finally was able to binge and watch Season 2!!! I’m absolutely obsessed with this show, a lot of which has to do with my obsession with history, which tumbled into the next show I watched (below).
  • The Royal House of Windsor: yea….. I actually watched this entire documentary series on the royal family and how they came to be waayyy back when. It’s a pretty informative documentary if you’re interested and/or slightly crazy like me 🙂
  • Leap Year: This stars Amy Adams and by the end of it, I could safely say I’m so happy I never saw it in theaters. It’s an alright movie, the story is super predictable and a bit overdone if you ask me. BUT it did serve it’s purpose for me and was something I could easily follow/catch up with if all the medications knocked me out for 20 min here or there.
  • Men In Black: I’ve actually never seen any of these films in their entirety until now! And because of this, Joey is head strong on making sure I see them all.
  • Oceans 11: An oldie but goodie! I forgot how good the very first one was.

Have you seen any of these movies/shows? Or do you have any new Netflix recommendations to add to my list??

Have a good week!




  1. Here are some Netflix recommendations I think you should check out.

    Eva Doesn’t Sleep
    Ernest and Celestine
    Hate Crimes in the Heartland
    Atomic Falafel
    The House Of Small Cubes
    Golden Time
    Lunch Time Heroes

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  2. Glad you got over the horrible illness!! I haven’t watched anything on your list except for Rules of Engagement because my boyfriend loves that show, it’s so funny!


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