Celebrity Dinner Party

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With planning an engagement party, of course the first thing on the to-do list is deciding who to invite. In lieu of that, I started thinking about how awesome it would be to have some great entertainers/ people of interest attend. Now of course, this is purely what dreams are made of and in no way a reality, but I thought I’d share my Top 10 guest list if I were ever to throw a celebrity dinner party.

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  1. Johnny Depp: Of course he would be my #1 pick. I’ve been healthily obsessed with him since I first saw him standing aboard his sinking ship in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.
  2. Keith Urban: My absolute all time favorite artist. Fun fact, I’ve currently been to 25 Keith Urban concerts throughout my lifetime, something I’ll have to write a post about soon!
  3. Ellen Degeneres: I mean, duh, right? I rarely get through an episode of her show without crying over how sweet a person she is. It also helps that she’s freaking hilarious.
  4. Jennifer Aniston: If I had to pick a favorite actress, it would be her. I would love to ask her questions about her lifestyle and workout routine because she always looks amazing!
  5. Leighton Meester: aka, the angel that brought Blair Waldorf to life. And if you don’t know who Blair Waldorf is, we need to talk.
  6. Walt Disney: How could someone as obsessed with all things Disney, like me, ever have a dinner party without the opportunity of meeting this man!
  7. Kobe Bryant: So now we’re going to get into who I’d invite for the sake of my better half and who he’d be interested in having. His #1 without a doubt would be Kobe Bryant. When they retired his jersey(S) (THEY LITERALLY RETIRED BOTH HIS NUMBERS HE HAD WHILE PLAYING FOR THE LAKERS) Joey practically had tears in his eyes!
  8. Kevin Hart: Joey loves Kevin Hart and thinks he’s hands down the funniest person on the planet. I can somewhat agree with him on that, he does have pretty funny stand up shows!
  9. Bruno Mars: There is no doubt in my mind that one day this man will go down a legend. He is without question one of the most talented performers of our generation. The man can sing and dance like its nothing! We’re currently trying so hard to make it to one of his shows when he comes back to Los Angeles.
  10. Will Smith: We’ve actually seen him once in Miami and he was the absolute nicest person EVER! We would love to be able to ask him questions about life and all his success not only in his career but in his family life as well.

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I’m curious, who would you have on your lists? Leave them in the comments below!




  1. My ten would be:

    1. Johnny Depp

    2. Tom Cruise

    3. Robert De Niro

    4. Michio Kaku

    5. Woody Harrelson

    6. Stephen King

    7. Ryan Gosling

    8. Tom Hanks

    9. J.K. Rowling

    10. Guillermo del Toro

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      • I know! I just realized I left out Elon Musk. But since we’re limited to 10, I’d have to swap someone out…
        This was fun. It had me thinking a little bit. While we’re at it…what five dead people would you want to meet/invite?

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      • Ohhhh shooooot. That’s a rough one! Okay, well my number one would be Audrey Hepburn (in love with her), Elvis (what a legend and my dad’s favorite artist), John F. Kennedy (my favorite President), Walt Disney (duh), and I’m having the hardest time thinking of another one!……I’d probably just go with Jackie Kennedy as well. But only because I literally have no idea and she’s the only person in my mind at the moment lol What would yours be??

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      • Great list! My picks would be: Agatha Christie, Edgar Allan Poe, Einstein, Amelia Earhart, and Abraham Lincoln.


  2. My boyfriend adores Kevin Hart, too, lol!! I totally did a post like this when I first started my blog lol I remember I had Ellen Degeneres on my list, too! 😄 love her!

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  3. I don’t know about all 10, but I would include Robin Williams, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Channing Tatum, James Hetfield (lead singer of Metallica), Will Smith… that’s all I have for now. I guess I need to figure out 4 more… 🙂

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  4. Wow that’s quite a task to think of ten people but I guess mine would be (in no particular order):
    Shakespeare – because well it’s Shakespeare!!
    Christian Kane – you might not know who he is but he’s awesome and he could cook the meal 😀
    Andrew Scott – another one you might not know but again.. he’s AWESOME and my favourite of the favs!
    Ellen Degeneres – I agree.. she’s amazing and would be so much fun!
    Harry Styles – it’s Harry!!
    Prince Harry – without his current squeeze (sorry to say)
    Richie McCaw – world famous in New Zealand (actually world famous in rugby playing nations)
    Trevor Noah – so funny & entertaining
    Danny Bhoy – my FAVOURITE comedian IN.THE.WORLD!
    Emma Watson – mostly coz I think I need another girl in there 😀


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