The one & only TENN-essee.


Okay so that was an attempt at a really bad joke. I never really understood how one would use that pick up line anyway, and I guess I never will.


Tennessee was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I think so far, my two favorite cities has to be a tie between NYC and Nashville. I had a lot of “oh duh” moments when we made it to Tennessee. It actually wasn’t even a planned stop for us. We planned on making it straight through from OKC to Indiana to stay with my grandpa. Once we drove through the downtown area, and I realized it was home to the Country Music Hall of Fame, of course we had to re-route and make time to stay and explore.Β So that’s exactly what we did.



I am the biggest country music fan, little fact- I’ve been to 25 Keith Urban concerts πŸ™‚ It’s for sure my favorite genre of music so how I overlooked visiting Nashville during our planning stages definetly baffles me.


Here’s my list of MUST-DO’s in country music city πŸ™‚

  • Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame- even if you’re not a big country music fan, chances are you’ll learn something new. Or you are/know a T-Swift fan and will bypass all the other stuff just to see some of her memorblia.
  • Take your time walking down Main Street-Β to really enjoy and take in the scenery of the place, you can’t be in a rush. We took our time, regardless of the freezing temperatures we endured πŸ™‚ worth it.
  • Eat BBQ!-Β There are tons of eateries up and down the boulevard, I recommend trying some authentic bbq! We chose a place called Rippy’s BBQ and got some pulled pork sandwitches. I’m not the biggest meat eater, but I absolutely loved their pulled pork!
  • Enjoy the live music-Β Nearly every place we walked into had live music. It’s worth it to sit back and enjoy the music, the artists’ seemed to be so good every time!




We made our way up and down the main drag quite a few times, entering each eatery with music and each souvineir shop we could. I bought a vintage poster of Β Keith Urban the day he got inducted to the Grand Ole Opry and we bought some shot glasses from the Hall of Fame shop. It started snowing just as we were headed back to our car, which made for some pretty fun photo ops.


I can only imagine how much more fun and lively the city is during the night when it isn’t snowing. For sure a city I am planning on visiting, again and again.


Next up was good ol Indiana! Where I introduced Joey to my mom’s side of the family and my older sister.



P.S: Here’s another tip! If you happen to go to Nashville, you can use this link to check out the hotel we stayed in and receive 30% off hotel deals!

Or use this link to check other hotels in the area πŸ™‚


  1. I’m not a country fan at all BUT I’ve still been dying to go to Nashville! I hear its such a fun lively city and by the looks of your pictures it sure seems that way!

    xo, JJ

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