New Mexico-Texas-Oklahoma

The road trip continues…

…of course there were things we wished we could’ve done while we were in New Mexico, but with a deadline of 5 days to get to New York City, we really needed to try our best and stay on route. Not to mention, majority of the NM sightseeing was too far off track for us. Hopefully, if any of you have been, you can tell me a little bit about it and where you went! We’re planning on road tripping out that way again, soon.


That being said, we left NM rather quickly and headed towards Texas. Same goes with TX, we weren’t looking at spending too much time here, but happened upon a place we later learned is called Cadillac Ranch and it’s a pretty big tourist attraction. We saw it off the freeway and just parked along side the road and walked right on up to it.

img_0659It’s completely free and (if you’re prepared with supplies) you can spray paint your own message on one of the 10 cars parked upside down. Luckily, we found a paint can that still had some paint in it  🙂


After a small pitstop at a place restaurant called Texas Roadhouse, where we got food to-go, we headed towards OKC.


That’s where we happened upon another little attraction! This whole day was filled with unexpected stops, which was so much fun. By now it was Dec. 27th, but I was still totally in Christmas spirit! We saw this lit up space off the freeway and followed lit up signs into the area, which I think was a church, I’m still not sure, I do know it was off Garth Brooks Boulevard though!


It was an entire Christmas village set up and lit up, there was even a radio station associated with the area that played music coordinated with the lights as you drove through.  It was absolutely amazing. Also, completely free and open to the public!


After the quick drive-thru we made our way to downtown OKC. Obviously it wasn’t the most busy of times, temperatures were below freezing and it was pretty late. But we had a nice time walking around. There was even an OKC game going on, which we watched from Toby Keith’s “I Love This Bar” resturant.


We stayed in an outdoor hotel, not far from downtown OKC and it was literally the sketchiest thing ever. I hardly slept. For one thing, it was the cheapest we could find (without being a motel) and located on a corner, across the street from a train station. It was dimly lit and kind of stood on its own. There wasn’t much around it. I just had a bad feeling about it, but it was too late to keep driving and the only thing we could afford in the area, aside from a surely bed bug infested Motel 6.  From that moment on, we promised to only stay in indoor hotels like Holiday Inns and Embassy Suites.

So there’s another tip! I would recommend staying in indoor hotels, for safety, and always call the hotel and check about discounts and specials. We saved a ton of money along the way using our AAA discount.


Another little tip I have would be to scout out people you feel comfortable asking to take your photo. We usually look for another couple or someone with kids to take our photos and usually always ask first if we can take a picture for them.  It’s always nice being able to help capture a family moment for someone rather then them going home with that selfie picture that may or may not have cut someone out 🙂

Till tomo





  1. Mmmmmm… Texas Roadhouse <3. Luckily, it's a chain that has reached all the way up to Virginia. 🙂 I love, love, love their dinner rolls with cinnamon butter. I've wanted to visit Toby Keith's bar, but not to the extent to plan a visit to it. Is it worth it?

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  2. I love this, you caught some really awesome visual eye candy!! That lit up walk way is sooo pretty- i want to take a million selfies there haha

    xo, JJ

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