Just passing through.


After getting to Indiana pretty late, apologies to my Grandpa, we woke up early the next morning for a family breakfast. I was eager to introduce Joey to my older sister, neice, uncle, and aunt. This was my first time visiting Indiana in the winter and holy cow was there snow! Of course the day went by way to fast and we really had to get on the road to make it to NY on time. By the time we got to Indiana it was already the 28th. So after breakfast and some time chit chatting, we got ready to hit the road, once again.


I had read about the fish market in West Virginia in a booklet that was given to us by our lady at AAA, so we drove down only to find out it was CLOSED. I was so bummed out. But luckily, the trip down wasn’t wasted. It gave us a chance to see a different way of life and some pretty amazing architecture and buildings. The entire area revolves around the fishing culture and when weather makes it impossible to fish, most of the city shuts down, as it was when we arrived.



We made it to New Jersey pretty late that evening and had our first encounter with black ice! Getting a suitcase out of the car, Joey dropped his phone on what he thought was a puddle of water, but was actually solid ice and ended up cracking his phone. That was a bummer but reminded us to watch out for the ice and to be extra careful, especially at night!


The next morning (Dec. 30th) we drove into New York City! Can’t wait to get that post together for tomorrow! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!



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  1. I can’t believe some areas have THAT much snow already. It makes me nervous for when it’s Boston’s turn (hopefully never- LOL) My boyfriend went to school in West Virginia and non stop talks about how he wants to go back there to visit but at the same time, I’m just like….”whats even down there” lol

    xo, JJ

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