Rainy Day Activity Ideas for Toddlers

+ Coloring !! Lots of coloring book options! We go through a ton when I break them out! Here are some cute options for GIRLS and here are some for BOYS.

+ Do a Dot Art : these markers and coloring books are so much fun and were gifted to us, the colors are so cute and glittery too! Super easy to clean up and use for little hands!

+ Stickers : as long as you don’t mind probably cleaning them up off the coffee table and floor LOL.

+ Matching Card Games : right now Avery mainly just likes to pick them up and repeat the colors, characters, or shapes.

+ Flashcards: we love using the animal deck and making all the animal noises!

+ Sensory Sand Bin : probably the best rainy day idea EVER! We spent a good 2 hours playing with this the other day while it was raining outside! It’s actually really fun and because it’s not real sand, it’s super easy to clean up and to play with to mold into shapes! I love the fact that this one came with castle molds! I’ve linked ours, but here are some similiar options available from Amazon for quicker shipping if you’re in a pinch for time! Ice Cream sensory kit (super cute and colored!!) Mermaid kit (literally just ordered because it’s so cute!), Dinosaur and Tractor bin (think digging for dinosaur bones!)

+ Hover Soccer Ball : this was a gift Avery got for her birthday and I hadn’t actually opened it yet but this thing was so fun to play with in the house!!! It’s cushioned so it can’t do any damage lol.

+ Holiday crafts : you can always use a rainy day to create some holiday art as well! Last month, we had a rainy day and I used it to have Avery make some Valentine cards to mail out to our friends and family!

+ Frozen sensory bins : you can also make your own sensory bins by filling a plastic bin or bowl with water and freezing it! We have these great bath time paints that I’ll use to draw on the ice and let Avery experiment with mixing and making different patterns.

+ Youtube dance party : you can search online and pull up kid friendly dance parties! There’s a Toy Story one that Avery loves!

+ Indoor trampoline : Avery’s grandma bought her one for Christmas and we’ve definitely made good use of it while indoors!

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