Everyday Makeup

My everyday makeup routine is pretty simple and quick, when you wear scrubs to work, having an entire face full of makeup just seems like too much to me- BUT to each their own. I also have about 20 minutes to get myself ready before getting Avery up and ready for the day- and if you’re thinking “why only 20 minutes?” Well, that’s because I’m NOT a morning person and NOT willing to wake myself up early for more time. So fast and simple everyday makeup is my jam!

To shop, simply click the name of the product!

+ Mario Badescu facial spray

+ Lancome Ultra Wear Foundation — in 140 Ivoire (N)

+ Lancome Definicils Mascara — in black

+ Lancome Le Crayon Khol Eyeliner pencil — in black coffee

+ Lancome Dual Finish Powder — in 120 Ivoire (N)

+ Elf Cosmetics Eyebrow pencil — in neutral brown

Well there you have it! What’s your everyday makeup look?

***this post is in affliction with Amazon, all opinions are my own.

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