Photo Diary of Avery’s 1st Birthday Trip to Disneyland

Hi friends!

After having celebrated Avery’s first birthday with friends and family before Christmas, we planned on doing a little family trip to Disneyland on her actual birthDAY- which was Monday, December 27th, 2021. Joey and I had taken the day off work months ago and we had our reservations all set for the day, however, we didn’t actually end up going on her birthday. Unfortunately, Avery had a little bit of a runny nose after all the Christmas shenanigans AND it was supposed to rain the entire day that day! Not wanting to get Avery sick and risk being in the cold/rain all day, we ended up postponing our Disney day- and postponing quite a bit due to all the rain Southern CA has recently been getting!

We ended up doing her birthday trip on Saturday, January 15th, 2022. Much later than anticipated and actually *still* in a bit of a drizzle! Luckily, Avery’s runny nose was gone and it only sprinkled in the morning on our way in! It was such an amazing day, I actually really like rainy, cold weather so the fact that it was overcast all day made me one happy girl! We let Avery sleep in till about 9 am and then got her ready to head to the park. It was such an amazing family day, and honestly is probably one of my favorite days at Disneyland we’ve ever had- second to the first time we ever took Avery to Disneyland (when she was 6 months old).

There aren’t really any details to share, but I just wanted to create a little photo diary of our day to have in the future!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

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