Unexpected Perks of Parenthood

Motherhood has definitely taught me A LOT. I’ve grown up more over the past year than I have in my total 30 years of life. It’s such a whirlwind transition that literally just happens without any rulebook, training, trial, nada- you just become a Mom and assume the position- an amazing feat for sure.

Over the past year, I’ve definitely noticed some unexpected perks of Motherhood that I really never considered pre-baby. So for all my pregnant mama’s to be out there- here’s some things to look forward too!

The Perks of Being a Wallflower Mother

+ Re-watching your favorite childhood movies : I cannot wait to bundle up on the couch to watch The Little Mermaid with my baby girl! I will in no way mind watching it as many times as she wants. You’ve basically got a built in excuse to bask in all the nostalgia of your own childhood, and the hubs is just going to have to sit through all the movies too 😉

+ Reaching multitasking level 1000000 : I’ve no doubt become a professional multitasker- this coming from someone who prided themselves on juggling a million things pre-baby, now, I’ve reached a whole new level I never knew existed. And I’m honestly sometimes quite shocked when I manage to pull so many things off simultaneously.

+ Having a lazy day that can’t/won’t ever be judged again : (Not that lazy days should be judged by anyone anyway) Pre-baby, even my planned out lazy days were never “lazy.” I always had at least one thing on my to-do list. Nowadays, if I don’t want to have a single thing planned for an entire weekend, I have no guilt in canceling or letting the people know. Especially because with a baby, even your laziest day, still isn’t that lazy if you’re home chasing a baby around!

+ PARTY PLANNING!! Eeeekkk! If you’re like me and LOVE throwing parties, now you have an excuse every year to put together whatever themed shindig you want! I’m not going to lie, I already have a theme for Avery’s second birthday party lined up!

+ Becoming a master prioritizer : Okay, so like multitasking, you all of a sudden become a CEO level prioritizer. I think it’s just the reality realizing that you cannot please everyone and/or complete every single thing every person you’ve ever known expects of you. SO what you learn to do is complete and prioritize the things that really matter to you and then you forget the rest. I’ll be the first to admit, texting (anyone other than Joey) back is like the least of my priorities throughout the day. My mom and sister haven’t been too thrilled but they’re adjusting- we’re pretty used to texting each other constantly. Honestly, between work and Avery, the only free time I have to think about literally anything selfish (like what I want to do for the weekend, what shoes I want to buy, if I should get myself that $7 coffee, do I want to scroll through Instagram mindlessly for 10 minutes, etc) is the 30 minute lunch break I have during the work week and then my commute to work and back. Unfortunately sending and replying to 20 texts and questions I’ve been sent over the course of the day isn’t top of my list. So, I reply in bits and pieces when I can and feel like it. That’s my new form of self love for sure.

+ Embracing self love : Speaking of ^^^^. At least for me, I put so much of myself into caring for and making sure everything is perfect for Avery. Over the course of the year, I’ve really realized that I need to do more of this type of care taking for myself and do it unapologetically. Right now, what that looks like for me, is making sure I can get Avery to bed on time so that I have some time to read a few chapters of my book at night or asking my husband to keep an eye on her while I put a face mask on for 15 minutes– this is actually a big one, whenever Avery sees me with a face mask on she instantly wants me to hold her so that she can touch and try to lick my face, which is cute but not ideal LOL.

+ Having a scapegoat : I’m proud to say we’ve never actually used Avery as an excuse to miss/ditch something. BUT we have had to make plans with the precursor that we may/may not be late depending on how Avery’s doing and when she naps throughout the day. As a rule, we NEVER wake Avery up from a nap unless she’s been down for longer than 2 hours. Luckily, we have some pretty lenient friends and family that understand and go with the flow, with us.

+ Embracing imperfection : I’ll admit, in the very early months of postpartum, it tore me up that I had dirty dishes in the sink and unfolded laundry on the couch. I was so hard on myself for being just too tired to get those things done. I think with time, you learn to be okay with imperfection and just realize it is what it is. Not joking- we had a pretty busy weekend last weekend, and there’s been unfolded laundry in my bedroom since Sunday (at the time of this posting it is currently Wednesday) and you know what, I’m good with it.

Well, that’s my list for now. What do you think are some unexpected perks of motherhood? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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