Home Decor- Christmas Edition

This fall loving girl has officially filled her house with all things evergreen! I’ll admit, a lot of my Christmas lights are actually up year round but I do get especially excited to decorate the Christmas tree! This year, with a baby on the move, we bought a fake tree (which honestly, the thought of always kinda made me mad- like how are you not going to have a real, authentic tree, allowing the smell of pine to fill the air?), but all in all, it’s been the absolute best. I don’t worry about Avery ripping a pine needle off and poking herself in the eye, or choking on one, etc. And as for the smell, I’ve filled the house with forest green scented candles, so we’re good on that front. Those of you who use faux trees, I’ll never judge again and have unequivocally become a fan.

I bought our stockings from Target the other day and they’re so cute and soft! I love the neutral tones! We were considering having our names painted on them, but I think I’m deciding against that. I think keeping them plain might be the best way to go, to keep things simple.

You’ll have to excuse that giant white strip along the edge of my coffee table- our house is officially and essentially, a bounce house and all dangerous corners have been covered with foam. And because Avery loves to stand, my coffee table has become her favorite location to stand tall and bounce up and down to whatever music we have playing in the background, which is why I had to cave and allow my coffee table to be covered up, poor girl rocks out hard and had hit her chin a few too many times along its edges.

This year, I turned our bar cart into a hot cocoa bar and if you’re an Office fan, I think you’ll appreciate it a little more.

And to finalize the decor, I couldn’t NOT decorate Avery’s room. I did, however, do very minimum decor since again- she’s a baby on the move and enjoys exploring every nook and cranny of literally anything (curious little mind)! Her cousins bought her the most adorable reindeer stuffed animal that I’m obsessed with, so I had to make that the center of attention for sure! Avery loves grabbing it when I’m holding her and she’ll lean forward to give kisses, it’s the sweetest thing.

My mom bought her these little Christmas classic books and even got her a little custom “Avery” Santa story.

My favorite Christmas movie growing up was the claymation Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, so I cannot wait to read and watch it with Avery one day!

So Avery’s play mat that is already always in her room, the print is actually very similar to her rug- but when you flip it over, it has this fun winter scene on it! I thought it’s just perfect for winter and already has all the reindeer, penguins, and polar bears on it to compliment the Christmas time decor!

Well, have you already decorated for the holidays this year?


  1. We went and cut down our tree this past Saturday and spent the rest of the weekend decorating the house and I’m so in love with the coziness. I also have fuzzy stockings and didn’t want to mess them up, so instead I found some brass label holder tags and tied them on; they turned out perfectly. I’ve also seen another blogger use leather luggage tags that looked really cute: https://www.blesserhouse.com/diy-personalized-stocking-tags-printable-labels/

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