10 Things I’m Grateful for this Year

I do this every year for Thanksgiving but am a little late to the game this year! Nonetheless, here’s my list and I’d love to hear what you’re grateful for in the comments as well!

+ AVERY : I’m beyond grateful to have such a happy, healthy baby girl.

+ MY HUSBAND : I absolutely love our team and am so thankful that I have such a great partner. I truly believe in soulmates and know without a doubt that Joey is my soulmate. We have such a special relationship and I’ll never ever take it for granted. I’ve got a best friend and husband all in one.

+ FAMILY : So this one probably goes without saying, but since having a baby myself, I’ve come to appreciate my family on a whole other level. It’s been very reassuring to know that we have help with Avery whenever we need it and don’t have to stress or worry about leaving our daughter with a babysitter/someone not family. I know how lucky we are and I am so so so grateful- especially to the Grandma’s! I’ve also had the chance to get much closer to cousins because of the shared experience of being a mother.

+ MY BODY : Damn, this year I grew and birthed a human child. That is still mind blowing to me and probably always will be. I’ve never been so grateful for my body and everything it’s done for Avery and I. I always thought that whole “your body is a temple” quote was garbage and marketed just perfectly for the fitness industry- however, I like it a lot more now in that I’ve come to realize my body is a temple, and it’s doing a whole lot of work on the daily to keep me alive, healthy, and functioning- not just for me, but for my daughter as well. So yea, I think it deserves some self love and praise!!

+ FRIENDS : Those both near and far. I know how hard it is to keep in touch with people (even harder now chasing a baby girl around), but I’ve come to realize how much a simple “have a good day” text means to people. I’ve really tried to continue to nurture my relationships as much as possible so that my girls know I’m still here for them, as I know they are for me.

+ HEALTH : 100000% I will always be grateful for not just my own health, but the health of those around me.

+ DISNEYLAND : This might be cheesy to some, but I’m so happy and grateful that the parks are open and flourishing. It was such a sad time for me when they were closed down!

+ DOWN TIME : I’ve come to appreciate lazy days at home sooo much more than bustling days out and about. Because my work weeks are LOOOONNNGGG there’s nothing I appreciate more than a lazy day around the house. Especially because that means while baby naps, mom has some free time to work on some projects (!!)

+ PROJECTS : Well, I’ve hinted at this before, but I’ve got a lot of projects/collaborations coming up this year and I’m so excited and grateful for them all! I’ve pushed basically all of them into the new year so that I can really soak up our first holiday season with Avery, but I’ll be hitting the ground running next year!

+ CELEBRATING : Lastly, I AM SO GRATEFUL TO HAVE SO MUCH TO CELEBRATE! I’ve completed my planning for Avery’s first birthday party and I had SO much fun planning and designing it all. I literally felt like I was wedding planning again, and if you know me- you know how much I love that! I’ve also gotten to plan a few little events here and there for friends and family and am looking forward to really celebrating this holiday season in its fullness!

Well, what are you grateful for this year?


  1. Its been so fun to watch Avery 1-2 days a week for the past 8 months. To see her grow, crawl, laugh, dance just brightens my day. Her personality is contagious. I love that little girl so much !!!


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