10 Random Things I Don’t Love

+ TRAFFIC: Is there anything worse? All I think about is how much time I’m losing that I could be using to do other things.

+ Chipped nails: The second one of my nails chips, all of them have to gooo. I really hate when my nails are chipped- for sure one of my biggest pet peeves.

+ Drinking Alcohol: Yup, Joey and I aren’t drinkers like at all. I drank a little at our wedding and then of course the bachelorette party but it’s definitely not something I like to do. We also aren’t big fans of hanging out with people who get drunk all the time and end up needing taking care of, so that’s a pretty big thing I don’t love too!

+ Onions: Absolutely hate them!!!!

+ Rap Music: I just can’t get on board with it. Some of it is funny for a spoof or goofing around, but how does anyone like listen to it on the regular?

+ Going with the flow: Definitely something I’ve gotten better at throughout pregnancy and now motherhood, but it’s taken WORK and has not come naturally to me at all- that’s how much I hate it. Give me a detailed, well thought out plan and I’m a happy girl!

+ Flying: I’m not afraid of flying or heights or anything like that, I just really hate airports and the stress of traveling by plane. Is my luggage going to disappear, do I know what terminal I’m going too, did I pack that thing?? The never ending list of random questions drives me crazy! I know I brought one book but should I bring 3? What if I finish it and then have nothing else to read? (Never have I ever finished a single book I’ve brought traveling- and I’ve always packed at least 2).

+ Doing Dishes: I absolutely despise it. For sure my least favorite chore.

+ Beyonce: Don’t come for me!!! I just seriously don’t get all the hype. Like she’s good but she’s just as good as anyone else. I don’t get the “Queen B” hype. I don’t think she’s mountains above other artists’ the way she is acclaimed to be.

+ Pumping at Work: It’s the worst. More on that in a separate post but for sure my least favorite thing in the world right now. I’d rather eat an onion.

What are some of the things you don’t love? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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