10 Random Things I Love

+ OPI Tiramisu for Two nail polish: This is for sure my favorite, go-to nail polish. It’s neutral and does with absolutely everything. I always have a bottle in my cabinet!

+ Macrame: I absolutely love the way macrame looks and feel like its such an easy way to decorate just about anything! I feel like it brings such an effortless, casual look to any space. We’ve got macrame pieces in our bedroom, living room, podcast space, and Avery’s nursery!

+ Cozy, soft knit blankets: I love when our house is cold and I can bundle up under a big, cozy blanket! My current favorite thing is letting Avery fall asleep on me and wrapping us both up in the blanket, on the couch, like that is my favorite place to be.

+ Wearing makeup and then taking it off at the end of the day: Am I the only one? I love doing my makeup for the day and get so excited when I actually have a reason to do my makeup, but then, before bed, cleaning it all off is such a satisfying feeling that I love just as much!

+ Chai Tea Lattes: Need I say more?

+ Layered necklaces: I love the look of layering necklaces and don’t think that’ll ever change. I have a few dainty necklaces that I love to pair together.

+ Matching sweatsuits: I recently bought 4 and am obsessed. Anytime I’m not sure what to wear, throwing a sweatsuit on is my go-too! It’s like having a school uniform you actually like and doesn’t require any effort. Also, totally appropriate for errands and breakfast!

+ Protein smoothies: I actually love making myself protein smoothies. It makes me feel like I’m doing something good for my body that’s so simple.

+ Crock-Pot recipes: We rotate between two that are so so so good! I love that the Crock-Pot is so easy to use and creates a meal without anyone really having to do much. Definitely a plus when you’re taking care of a baby!

+ Organizing the house: Lately, ours has been a bit of a mess because of the baby. Things just start to pile up because you’re always trying to do something- whether its feed her, change her, get her to sleep- there’s always a baby related task and then once you’ve accomplished it, you realize you have “x” amount of time to get something else done- so it’s either laundry, dishes, etc and whatever you don’t choose will be taken care of at the next “break” you get from baby. I’ve accepted this and try not to worry too much but I love when I have the chance to organize and clean the house! Because having it a mess definitely gives me anxiety!

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