The Birth Poster

So life around here lately has certainly revolved around all things baby and it’s definitely not a bad thing at all! I’m going back to work in 4 weeks which is a little bitter sweet for me. I love my job and am looking forward to seeing my coworkers again but am also struggling with the idea of not spending every waking moment with my baby. I already know that first day back is going to be rough and I’ve already began mentally preparing myself for the tears that will likely fall as I drive to work that morning.

Any mommas struggle with that initial transition from maternity leave? I’d love any advice!

Till that day comes, I’ll just continue to spend all my time holding and cuddling this little girl of mine! We’ve spent so much time in the nursery, reading books and playing on the rug, feeding in the rocking chair, to napping together in said chair as well. Because of that, we actually put a tv on the changing table so that I could watch tv when she falls asleep in my arms. And speaking of new changes to the nursery, I recently received the most amazing package and am so excited to share it with you all today!

We’ve upgraded some of the artwork in the nursery thanks to The Birth Poster! The Birth Poster is a company that designs posters of your newborn’s actual size at birth. They have the most beautiful, minimalistic designs. I chose two, one to hang in the nursery and one for the hallway outside her nursery. I’m so happy with how they turned out and absolutely love that I will forever have this keepsake of how tiny she was when she was born!

With Mother’s Day coming up, I cannot recommend The Birth Poster enough! It would make the perfect gift for not only a first time mom, but any mom out there! All you have to do is enter the birth weight and length of the baby at birth when you order and your 1:1 ratio design will be shipped to you!

I absolutely love the design and think it definitely elevated the decor of our nursery. They have different versions and baby “positions” to choose from, which makes finding something to match your aesthetic super easy! When Avery is older, I can’t wait to show her the posters and be able to tell her that that was how small she was when she was born! Babies grow so fast (Avery is already so big which makes me cry) so having their newborn moment captured in this way is super special.

If you order before March 28th, you can use code mrsamandafranco10 for 10% off your order!

*This post is in collaboration with The Birth Poster, as always, all opinions are my own.


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