The Most Peaceful Room in the House

The most peaceful room in the house. When you read that, what room instantly popped into your mind? Your bedroom? The living room? Maybe the bathroom, where you spend your luxurious time soaking in the bath and applying face masks? Well, would you be shocked to hear that the most peaceful room in our house is actually our nursery?

From the decor down to the functionality of the space, everything was designed with a very specific purpose. That purpose being everything and anything bringing and giving peace. The color scheme for me is very calming and soothing- something I knew both baby and I would need. I kept the space neutral and avoided any bright and bold colors for that reason. Because I wanted to keep the room very light and uplifting, you’ll find a ton of neutrals and whites filling the space- anything too dark was a complete N-O for me!

Thanks to the dresser, bookshelf, and our cute little seated bench we also have a TON of storage for all the cute toys and accessories everybody needs for a newborn. In my opinion, avoiding any clutter is a big component of having a peaceful space- too much clutter is something that definitely gives me anxiety!

Having a comfortable rocking chair was also a priority for me. As you can imagine, a lot of our time is spent in the nursery, so having something comfortable to sit and nurse in is a big MUST HAVE for anyone designing a nursery! In addition to the coziness of the rocking chair, having a cute and easily accessible crib for baby girl was obviously another MUST HAVE. And when you’re having your baby sleep in her crib in the nursery for naps during the day, theres only one thing that gives you peace of mind and completes the entire vibe of tranquility that you’re searching for! And that’s a great baby monitor.

I have complete peace of mind thanks to our Lollipop Baby Camera! I was totally that new parent who hovered and stared at baby girl while she slept at all hours of the day. This was obviously not the best situation because I didn’t get anything else done and also wasn’t taking care of myself due to the extreme obsessiveness I was experiencing. Ever since we set up our Lollipop Baby Monitor, I’ve been able to relax and lay Avery down for a nap, open up the (super easy to use) Lollipop app, and leave the room. I can’t even begin to describe to you how freeing it’s been! I have time now to do the laundry, dishes, and clean both the house and myself up a bit for each day- something I definitely didn’t do until the Lollipop Baby Monitor came into our lives.

If you’re having a baby or know someone who is, I cannot recommend the Lollipop camera enough. It would make an excellent baby shower gift and new parents will not be disappointed! Read below for my top 3 reasons why every new parent needs the Lollipop Baby Monitor in their lives!

+ The camera is aesthetically pleasing: I mean, how cute is this thing! Definitely isn’t an eye sore in any room, is sleek, simple, and doesn’t require a ton of wires!  They come in a variety of colors so are sure to match any vibe/color scheme you have going on for your nursery! I chose pink for ours!

+ The ability to easily be moved: Avery recently outgrew her bassinet and so we’ve moved the crib into our bedroom. I was worried how transitioning from the bassinet was going to go, because I wanted to be able to monitor her throughout the night and not having the bassinet an arms length away from our bed was daunting to me. Because the Lollipop Baby Monitor is so easy to move, we moved it with the crib and not only does this mean her nap routine doesn’t have to change, but I can also check the app from my bed overnight if I wake up and want to check on her without having to get up. That’s a huge win for me!! Most baby monitors I’ve researched have heavy duty wiring, making them near impossible to move. Because our baby monitor easily transferred into our bedroom, we have complete peace of mind throughout the day and when we finally get her down for the night- we have the peace of mind of watching her from the living room while mom and dad watch a movie together.

+ Adaptability: If you know my husband and I- you know we love a good road trip! Joey and I always said we wouldn’t skip out on trips just because we had a baby and thanks to the Lollipop Baby Monitor, we don’t have too! One of the biggest pros for us was getting a monitor we could easily travel with- whether it be road tripping down the California Coast for the 6th time, across the country for the 3rd time, or just visiting Grandma’s for the weekend- the Lollipop Baby Camera easily travels with us and the mobile app is so easy to use no matter where we are! All you need is wi-fi and you’re good to use the camera wherever you’d like! In addition to being able to travel with you, the camera is also easily set up just about anywhere within your house! We’ve had ours on the crib, sitting on the coffee table when Avery falls asleep in her play pin, and also up on our decorative ladder in her room! It’s so easy to move and prop up anywhere!

Watch below for a little more about the baby camera and follow this link to purchase your own!

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