Scheduling & Making To-Do Lists

I’m going to be honest here, I’m pretty OCD when it comes to organization for just about everything but when it comes to scheduling or making to-do lists, writing things down and checking items off a list is one of my favorite things.

I was painting my nails the other day when I thought of about 50 things I needed to do over the next week, my nails were wet so I thought, I’ll just put them in a to-do list on my phone (which I did so I wouldn’t forget) BUT that didn’t really give me the same satisfaction that physically writing it down does. Then I thought, I wonder how many people out there are like me and would rather physically write things down vs using their phones to keep track of things. And that’s what led me here.

I use my phone for A LOT of things- email, social media, calls, texts, baby tracking apps, baby monitoring app, pumping app- the list goes on. With so much being on my phone, I honestly get so sick of staring at a screen (which is also why I prefer reading physical books, although I have a kindle and use it occasionally).

So when it comes to keeping a calendar, besides throwing appointments on my phone in the moment (like when I’m actually at the doctors office and don’t have my planner with me), I stick to a physical day planner and keep track of things that way. I absolutely love my day planner and keeping a physical to do list written down for each day. There’s just something so satisfying about physically crossing things off a list for me.

Well, what do you use to keep track of your days and things you have to get done? Is your phone your go-to? Let me know in the comments!


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