The Power of Gemstones, Do You Believe the Hype?

For the longest time, my sister and I have collected and read about the gravity and power of certain stones and crystals and have filled our rooms with the likes of stones such as amethyst, turquoise, and quartz, in addition to bunches of sage and Palo Santo wood. We can thank our momma for the hippy dippy little obsession we’ve acquired!

To this day, I still have amethyst stones and Palo Santo wood layered up on my bookshelves throughout the house. Last weekend, we took a little mini road trip to Old Town San Diego and I found the cutest little hole in the wall shop that had TONS of different stones, crystals, and the like- each with their meaning cards and it really got me thinking. Do these stones really do what they’re “said” to do? Do they really represent certain things? It made me want to learn more and then bring the question here on the blog, do you believe in the power of stones? Or is it a placebo effect, meant to get you to buy the damn bracelet?

For the record, I’m not quite sure if there’s really deeper meaning/”power” to the stones, but I like to believe there is and I did purchase a few bracelets because of their meanings. If anything, they serve as a reminder to practice that thing they “represent” while you’re wearing them!

So let’s get into what I found out as I researched the topic. Nearly every culture has some sort of belief regarding certain stones and these beliefs are tied to that cultures history, geography, and spiritual practices. According to Maria Leach’s Standard Dictionary of Folklore, “Belief in the supernatural properties of precious stones goes back beyond recorded history… ”

For years gemstones have been used/ seen to have powers for healing ailments, attracting abundance, creating positive energy, etc. Depending on the particular stone, there are different “powers” associated with it. So, let’s talk about a few of my favorites!

Agate: believed to bring stability and focus.

Amethyst: the relaxation stone, believed to keep stress at bay and allowing the wearer to connect with their intuition.

Bloodstone : (this one was interesting to read about!) believed to heal wounds and blood disorders. Known as the “stone of martyrs.” Represents courage, self esteem, and energy.

Carnelian: (I’d never heard of this one before) believed to promote creativity, confidence, and luck.

Garnet: (both my husband’s and my mom’s birth stone) promotes vitality, health, passion, and pleasure. In Chinese medicine, garnets are used to promote the flow of Chi throughout the body.

Howlite: represents spiritual qualities of stillness, has soothing energies that help alleviate stress, anger, and depression. Promotes tenderness and open-mindedness.

Jade: promotes wisdom, serenity, and mental purity.

Moonstone: represents tenderness and is used to connect to one’s inner goddess.

Onyx: symbolizes facing your fears and achieving personal power.

Peridot: known as the abundance stone, believed to bring light and happiness to the wear. Apparently, in Ancient Egyptian history, Cleopatra wore peridot to ward off evil spirits.

Rose Quartz: known as the “love stone,” attracts romance and positive relationships.

Tiger’s Eye: symbolizes power and the “passion of a tiger.” Worn by warriors and soldiers in ancient times to promote courage before battle.

Turquoise: promotes protection and healing along with positivity and energizing all the chakra centers. Said to attract luck, abundance, and ambition.

The store I came across had tons of different jewelry made with a variety of stones. I purchased two bracelets; a turquoise one and a howlite one! Turquoise also happens to be Avery’s birthstone!

Hope you learned something new here today! So, let’s circle back, do you believe in the power of stones?

Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Amanda, I love this blog! Crystals do have healing energies and they help if you believe and apply the energy they provide
    to the areas of healing or positive changes that you need. It’s all about having faith in the universe and God . Sage and incense are used for purifying and bringing clarity to believers and many Churches practice this too. I love you and I love your blogs and that you’re always open to learning and experiencing everything our world offers as far as beliefs and practices and Spirituality.

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