Things that helped me combat morning sickness.


Absolutely nothing.


Yup, that’s the post.  And I tried IT ALL.

+ Ginger Ale   +Pregnancy Pops  + Ice cold drinks + Peppermint Tea +Ginger Candies +Ginger Tea + Bland Crackers +Bananas +Keeping a full stomach  (to be fair, it was impossible for me to keep a full stomach, I couldn’t eat like at all) + Gatorade +Pedialyte +Frozen Fruits 

I apparently was one of those women who just had to get through it and let it pass. I will say that there were times where I felt like I would have felt better if I had just thrown up, but I couldn’t and didn’t. So maybe that’s the loophole to the whole bit?

If any of you momma’s have any tips on combating morning sickness, I’d love to hear what worked for you!



  1. I’m no momma, but I abhor feeling nauseous and will do anything to make it go away. When I went on my cruise earlier this year, I found out the hard way that I get seasickness. For the first few days when I was wrongly taking allergy medicine instead of seasickness pills, I tried acupuncture and it actually worked for a bit! I’d never tried it before and was quite skeptical (especially since it cost $170 for 1 stinkin’ hour!), but I felt some relief and was actually able to enjoy eating dinner with my family right after. Then I found out about the whole medication debacle and it was smooth sailing for the rest of the time. 🙂

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    • I remember you telling me about that happening on your cruise!! That’s how I described how bad the nausea was to joey, I was like I feel constantly sea sick like the world is swaying and I cant stop it! I’m glad you got the relief you needed!

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  2. One of my sisters also had terrible morning sickness, and nothing helped! She just had to drink a lot of pedialyte so she wouldn’t get dehydrated. She lost like 10 pounds. It went away in her second trimester though.

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