Wedding- The Flowers


Flowers were such a critical part of our big day and were the one aspect that I had absolutely zero control over. Sure, I sent over and shared a Pinterest board with my florist, but there was no real way for me to know what she would create for our big day, until I was actually at the venue.

I have to say, our florist, absolutely knocked it out of the park. I was in awe the entire day at how amazing the flowers looked throughout the venue. It was honestly like she was in my head and saw what I was imagining and made exactly that. My bouquet, aisle decor, arch decor, and table garlands were absolutely stunning.



I told my florist I wanted a very boho feel mixed in with the accents of the fall season. She knew I have an obsession with pampas grass and that the fall season is both mine and Joey’s favorite season, so she totally ran with that and it was amazing! Our arrangements had your picture perfect fall leaves, eucalyptus leaves, pampas grass, and the most perfect purple and dark orange accents throughout. They were really unbelievable.


My bouquet was a little extra special- sticking with that same bohemian feel, I wanted to add an extra detail into my bouquet. I wanted the favorite flower of the generations of women before us, in both mine and Joey’s families, represented in my bouquet. So I had my moms, mother-in-laws, Joey’s grandma’s (2), and my grandma’s (2) favorite flower in my bouquet. Luckily, Β some of the women shared favorite flowers so it was easier to blend in.

My mom and her mom’s favorite flower: Daisies

My dad’s mom’s favorite flower: Roses

Joey’s mom’s favorite flower: Sunflowers

Both of Joey’s grandma’s favorite flower: Roses


My florist did an amazing job tying these flowers in with the rest of the flowers that filled the rest of the venue. I loved my bouquet so much that I actually preserved and framed part of it!

I was so pleased with the way everything turned out on our wedding day! And flowers were such a big part of that. To any brides out there, my advice would be to share decor ideas and pictures with your florist so that they know what you’re looking for; whether thats something bohemian in feeling or romantic, sharing photos with them will give them some idea of what direction you want to go in and will help ensure that you end up with what you want on your wedding day.


If you want to honor the generations of women in your family, like I did, find out what their favorite flowers are and throw those in as well! That’s such a special detail that is bound to make your wedding day that much more special, it certainly did for me!



  1. Love the floral favorites idea- too sweet! I had a sola wood floral bouquet that will last forever, so it’s on display on our entry table. I love seeing it everyday. πŸ™‚

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  2. Wow the table setting, flowers & bouquet were so YOU, Amanda. I love that you included the ladies’ in your life’s fave flowers & preserved some of it afterwards. Absolutely beautiful!! β™‘

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  3. […] Bouquet: My bouquet held the favorite flowers of all the women in mine and Joey’s families. I had both his and my grandma’s favorite flowers and my mom’s and his mom’s favorite flowers represented in my bouquet, in addition to the filler flowers that tied the aesthetic all together. I loved that I was holding a little piece of the generations of women that came before Joey and I, and loved paying respect to them in that way. You can read more details about all our flowers here.Β  […]


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