New Years’ Resolutions

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Well here we are again. It’s that time of year where we’re all giddy and inspired and motivated to make some resolutions for the new year and hope that we’ll actually stick to them. In hopes that I keep to mine, I’m manifesting them all into fruition by writing them here to share with you.

  • Read one book every two months. I really started off well with this one last year but 6 months in, I completely fell off the wagon. Mainly because wedding planning began to consume my every moment (not mad at it), so now I’m going to make sure I put more of my free time towards reading.
  • Get off social media by 7 pm on the weekdays. I really want to spend more of my time off the computer/phone/tv screens and more time with my husband, cooking, reading books, etc. My plan is to leave my phone on loud in our bedroom and aside from answering texts or calls, leave it on the nightstand all night.
  • Cook more/ learn to cook more elaborate meals. I got an amazing cookbook as a wedding gift and I really can’t wait to get into it! I’m not the best cook per se, but this year I want to try to learn and really use all the different cooking utensils we have that haven’t had that much use (like our InstaPot).
  • Plan our dream Honeymoon! We’ve already started planning and I cannot wait! 
  • Spend more time with family.  Once the holidays are over, it’s hard to get family together. This year, I really want to try and make sure we spend more time with our family over the weekends.
  • Keep up with my 5x/week workouts. During wedding prep, I was very consistent and strict with myself. After the wedding and with the time change and it getting so dark so early, I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been slacking. It’s been hard for me to get my butt in the gym when it’s pitch black and freezing outside by the time I get home from work. BUT, I’m going back to it! Part of this goal is to consistently make it to my Tuesday night yoga class and Thursday night kickboxing class! 

Well, what are your resolutions for this new year?



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