Dip Nails- my experience.

Hi guys!

And happy whatever day you’re reading this on! Tonight I went to the nail salon (which I very rarely do) to get my nails done for my bachelorette party this weekend! I usually do gel nails because they last a lot longer and I’m so rough on my nails that gels usually weather the storm better than plain polish. I’ve also never had acrylics but my sister had them growing up and they just about ruined her natural nails, so I’ll never go down that route. While at the salon tonight, the nail technician asked me if I’ve ever tried dip powder nails and when I said no, she immediately convinced me to try it out. 


Things I learned about dip nails vs. gel

-dip involves layering powder with a clear coat on top, multiple layers give your nails the thickness and strength that you get with gel polish.

– it takes A LOT longer than a normal or gel manicure. Because you’re having multiple layers applied to your nails, the process takes longer. I can remember being in and out of a gel manicure in 30 min. The dip powder took a full hour to complete.

-Dip powder nails are supposed to last longer than your normal or gel manicure. I’ll have to get back to you on that one. Usually my gel manicures last 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. Supposedly this dip manicure is supposed to last 3-4 weeks.

-Your nails naturally dry with the top coat and you don’t have to sit under a UV light waiting for your nails to dry as you do with other manicures.

Overall, the feel of the dip on my nails feels very similar to the gel nails. I will say that if I look close enough at my nails, I can tell that the layers are powder because I can see the texture of the powder on my nails. For that reason, I think I prefer gels just because they’re completely smooth and clean.

Have you tried dip nails before? Do you prefer them to gels?

Let me know in the comments!




  1. I LLLOOOOOVVVEEEEE dip powder nails. That’s what I did for my wedding. I started getting them done every 3-4 weeks in March last year just to grow my natural nails out some and get used to wearing them and then stopped about a month after my wedding (September-ish). I have really thin natural nails though, so gel polish never adheres properly on me. The dip powders are the only thing that really stays on my nails.

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    • No way! That’s so interesting! I was going to say, I’ll probably do dip nails every time I get them done but on my wedding day do gels for the texture part so it’s smooth in photos. Have you noticed the spots from the powder before? It could be because I did white nails lol

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      • I did on some of them, but they mostly occurred on the lighter colors. I don’t think you could see the texture in pictures though. On my wedding, I went the day before to get my nails done, and lady I went to had never done them before (!). She gave me bright, bubblegum pink when I asked for blush pink. I ended up going to Walmart after and getting a translucent lavender to apply on top to mute the pink. You could tell I had purple nails instead of pink in my wedding pictures, but no one would have guessed that I had 6 layers of dip powder and 1 coat of regular polish.


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