What’s in my bag?

Well if this isn’t the most basic filler post ever. With wedding planning and that whole having a day job, my times been spread pretty thin. So with that, I thought “well what do I like to read when I’m scouring others’ blogs?” and for whatever reason, I’ve always been interested in knowing what people carry around in their bags. So without further ado, I am literally pouring my bag on the floor and taking shots of all the things I feel the need to carry around with me all day, everyday.

Little thing about me though, I have a different wallet for nearly every bag I own (mostly because I have a lot of bags of different sizes and not every wallet fits in all my bags). I’m currently carrying my Rebecca Minkoff belt bag that my amazing future mother-in-law got me for Christmas, it’s literally the most convenient and amazing bag- I’m obsessed.


These are things that are literally always in my bag. I carry hand sanitizer, chapstick, gum, hand lotion, eye drops, and an extra hair tie with me everywhere. Depending on what we’re doing, my cell phone, some sunglasses, and the lipstick color I’m wearing that day will also be thrown in. I’m a pretty light traveler when it comes to my purse, don’t you agree? I should also mention that I typically always get stuck with carrying Joey’s wallet too, so that’ll get tossed in too.

My least favorite thing when it comes to carrying purses is them being bulky and stuffed full of things, making the bag weigh 10 pounds. So that’s always my goal with my bags, keeping the necessities without overweighing the damn thing.


Hope you had some fun digging through my purse with me! And with that, I challenge all of you other bloggers out there to share what’s in your bags as well! Can’t wait to read!




  1. I also carry a small purse, but usually in the warmer months only. In the fall and winter, I typically go for a larger bag to hold my scarf, gloves, etc. when I don’t want to wear them. Maybe I’ll participate in this little challenge of yours… 😉

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  2. I like what’s in your bag!
    Mine’s chaotic – LOL at all the stuff I got in there…
    I change handbags weekly (that includes a declutter), but one of my colleagues refers to my handbag (no matter which one) as my “Mary Popping bag”…

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  3. Haha I love this filler post though! So fun. You definitely have all your bases covered! The one thing I get so mad at myself about for forgetting all the time is my hand sanitizer. I have a ton of it, but often forget to bring it with me in my purse or car. Thanks for sharing, Amanda! xo

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