6 Reasons why road-trips are my favorite way to travel.

^^^Above you can watch a little bit about our time in Death Valley National Park!

It may be fairly obvious by now, but Joey and I are total road-trip maniacs. We absolute love planning out road trips and all the details/stops that go along with them. I’d go so far as to say that we actually fell in love with each other on our very first road trip together- which, little fact, was 2 months before we WERE EVEN ACTUALLY TOGETHER!  2 months before Joey asked me to be his girlfriend, we road-tripped across the country from CA–> NY for New Year’s Eve! [if you haven’t read much about that, you can start with the first post here] Read on for the Top 6 reasons why road-trips are my favorite form of travel!

  1. There’s just something about being all huddled up and packed into the car with the person/people you love for hours on end with nothing to do but watch the scenery around you!
  2. You’ll never know what you unexpectedly see! You might see a random side car expedition (like we did here), or a random pop up Christmas exhibition (like we did here). Or if you watch our video above, you’ll see we came across a coyote wondering the street! When you’re driving, you have all the freedom to control your stops and the unexpected ones are usually the most memorable!
  3. It’s a great way to catch up with all the latest music, podcasts, etc. Joey and I love listening to podcasts on our trips and then discussing what we think about that particular topic we just listened too. I mean, have any of you listened to Seriel? The Adnan Syed case?? That’s a great one! We listened to that entire series on our road trips to Key West when we lived in Miami.
  4. The adventure of it all. You have your freedom to get out of the car and explore wherever/whenever you want! We loved pulling over and watching the ocean when we road-tripped up the coast, which you can read about here. You also have get the chance to see all the smaller towns between the destinations that you otherwise may have missed.
  5. It’s always fun to drive across different states and snap pictures as you’re passing the different state lines! We’ve made a tradition out of taking pictures of all the “Welcome to *insert State name here* signs as we pass them. It’s also pretty cool when you’re able to physically be in more than one place at once! Cue the “Walk to Remember” music.
  6. The feeling of just being out on your own with no-one to answer too and no real place to be is the most freeing feeling in the world. We love getting in the car and telling our loved ones we’re on the road, automatically, it’s like all responsibility fades away and all you have to worry about is when you’re next pit stop is going to be.

So, now I’m interested, what are your favorite modes of travel??




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