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If you’re reading the title for this post, you’re probably thinking, didn’t that already happen on February 3rd, 2018? And if you’re not thinking that, well then you have some catching up to do and can start with this post here πŸ™‚Β 

Point is, you’re RIGHT! The happiest day of my life (so far) did in deed happen on 2/3/18. And what could possibly beat that day, right??Β WWWWeeeeeellllll,Β let me just officially let y’all know, that November 2nd, 2019 will without a doubt, beat it. And I’ll make sure of it! We’ve officially chosen our WEDDING DATE and locked in our venue!!!!!

AAAAAHHHHHH! I am so so so so happy and excited and now everything just feels so much moreΒ realΒ than it did before! Now there’s a date and there’s deadlines and I could not be happier! Now all my wedding pins will be able to actually come to life!

It’s taken us a while to really settle on a date because at first we thought we wanted a summer wedding, because isn’t that what most people do? So we thought. But then when we really got into the thinking about what we wanted our wedding to be, and the fact that we want it to really be personalized towards us, we realized that summer really doesn’t feel like “our” season. You probably already know this about me, but fall is my hands down favorite season of them all. Anything and everything pumpkin spice is my favorite and the feel and coziness of fall just warms my heart like no other. And Joey feels that way too about fall. He isn’tΒ crazyΒ about the pumpkin decor like I am, but he does like the pumpkin desserts and candles! So as we were discussing our shared favorite season, it just hit us. Why don’t we get married in the fall?!?!

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And then it just kind of happened and I could not be happier. The venue had the November 2nd date available, which was perfect because it’s the last weekend before daylight savings-thus leaving us the last weekend before it gets dark at like 4/5pm. It all lined up perfectly.

Now the real fun can begin! Starting with hiring my dream photographer and day of coordinator! (I’m not using a wedding planner other than the day of, so wish me luck!)

Happy Wedding Wednesday!





  1. Aaaaaahhhhhh! I’m so excited for you!!

    When we were first starting out planning, I really wanted a fall wedding; particularly an October wedding. I just prefer the colors associated and dreamed of having an outdoor wedding with a bonfire and then possibly honeymooning somewhere with snow so we could go skiing/snowboarding…. BUT the logistics of an October wedding just wouldn’t work for us because Fella is a college professor and there is no way he could just up and leave for an entire week in October as he can during July and August, and the only available Saturday available for our venue was August 4th, so we went with it and honestly, it was perfect! And I still had my bonfire!! πŸ™‚

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