Something you may not know about me.

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So let me just start off by reporting the facts. This part you may already know, as I’m sure every time I’ve ever been asked who my favorite singer/artist is, I’ve replied with the same name since I was 14 years old. The one, the only, Keith Urban. 

Now, if you don’t know who he is, I suggest you Youtube some of his music and if you need a place to start, I’d be more than happy to start you off with some of my all time favorite songs over the years, just lmk 🙂 Keith is a country music superstar. And if you don’t necessarily like country music, still give it a listen! I would argue that he’s the least country, country singer out there. I almost consider most of his music kinda rock-n-roll, or at least rock-n-roll as I know it as a “millennial.”

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SO now let me let you in on something a little wild, but definitely one of my favorite “fun facts” about myself. I’ve been to 27 Keith Urban concerts throughout life, so far. 



Now let me share with you how this little obsession got started. When I was 14 years old, my mom and her best friend (someone I consider to be like an Aunt to me) lovveeeddd country music and loved going out to concerts. They’re kinda cool ladies so they literally would just concert go on a whim and find a way to get cheap tickets and make their way to the front no matter what. So one night, they decided to get tickets to a Keith Urban concert and drive out to San Diego for the concert. Welp, that night was night one of two that he was having at the same venue in San Diego and after that concert- they were hooked.

Why this little backstory is important is because guess what happened for night 2 of that San Diego weekend? My mom dragged my sister and I to go with them! To a show they’d already seen! They loved it so much that they wanted to go again, and wanted us to experience the show as well. Well, little 14 year old Amanda and 12 year old Amilee were NOT country fans and had never heard of the guy, so we sat in our seats pouting for probably about half the show as my mom and Stacey danced and sang along. I’ll never forget what happened next. Keith began to play a song called “Days Go By” and for whatever reason, I don’t know if it like spoke to me or something, but I LOVED IT SO MUCH I immediately got out of my seat and started dancing along- which got my sister dancing as well.

WE WERE OFFICIALLY HOOKED. It was the absolute greatest show I’d ever been too. And I know that’s not really saying a lot when you’re 14 years old- but let me just say I had seen Aaron Carter and A*Teens in concert by then, so that’s a pretty big deal to beat them out (lol).

My mom and Stacey then came up with the most ridiculous, outrageous, mind-blowing, amazing, GENIUS, whirlwind idea that we would then follow Keith’s tour up and down the California coast- literally sitting front row at every. single. concert. And let me tell you- not once did I sit down, not once did I think “we’re seeing this same show again?”, not once did I not want to be in that venue watching that man put on a show. My mom took my sister and I out of school as we traveled from San Diego to Irvine to Los Angeles to Paso Robles to Reno to Sacramento to San Francisco and then out to Las Vegas. It was the most amazing time and one of my favorite memories of my childhood.  I mean how badass is my mom??? Of course dad wasn’t too pleased, but we were literally having the time of our lives.

Once that tour ended, it was another 2 years before he released another album, where- you guessed it- we did the same damn thing 🙂


Since that first tour, I’ve literally been to at least one show of every tour he’s had. I’ve seen him up and down the California coast, had a chance to meet his band members in Las Vegas where my mom and Stacey shared drinks with them (I was too young), I have a slew of guitar pics that he’s thrown to my sister and I in the front row of his shows, I’ve been in one of his music videos! (it was a filming of him performing the song at one of his concerts), saw him across the country while we lived in Florida (photo above in the beach chair), I’ve shaken his hand and told him he was amazing (when I went to The Ellen Show to watch him perform), and have more recently been replaying the BEST show EVER after seeing him this Saturday night at the Staples Center in L.A (thanks to the GREATEST FUTURE MOTHER IN LAW EVER). Tickets were sold out and I was soooo bummed I was going to miss my first tour of his, and then by the grace of God, Deanna knew someone from work who got tickets but was selling them because they couldn’t go anymore! So she scooped them up for Joey and I! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I bawled my eyes out when she told me she got me tickets.


I’ll have to go through my mom’s old pictures to get more of lil ol me when we first started going, but here’s one I had on Facebook lol. Those are his band members! ^^

Going to see Keith in concert is different every single time and he’s just an amazing performer and entertainer. I love singing to every song and dancing the entire night through, and now that Joey is well versed in his songs (Joey’s been to 6 concerts with me), I love that he sings along and dances along with me. It’s even more fun being able to enjoy the shows with the love of my life.

It’s safe to say that I will never not love Keith Urban, he will never not be my favorite artist, and I will forever attend his tours and concerts.

Here’s another little tidbit for ya- our first dance will be to a Keith Urban song, one of my very favorites 🙂

Have any of you been to multiple concerts of one person? I’d love to hear who some of your favorite artists are!





  1. Days Go By is one of my favorites of his. I have his Golden Road and Be Here albums and adore them both, but I have to say, he’s more pop-country nowadays than what I enjoy. He is an amazing performer (from what I’ve seen on tv) and one hell of a musician, but I’m more into the heavier stuff. Just last month, the hubs and I went and saw Ozzy Osbourne and Stone Sour in concert. Last year we saw Metallica (I walked down the isle to one of their songs), Avenged Sevenfold (had our first dance to one of their songs), Volbeat (one of my all time favorite bands), Iron Maiden (my Fella’s all time favorite band), and Ghost.

    Of course I just listed a bunch of hardcore metal/rock bands… but we’re heading to North Carolina this weekend to see Billy Joel! I adore Billy Joel and I’m so stinkin’ excited to see him live!!

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    • how fun!!! Yea, honestly with Keith the Golden Road album era was really the last “country country” album I think he did. But I still love it all! And all I listen to is country music but my all time pet peeve is when I see people wearing cowboy boots at his concerts. I’m always like come on, he isn’t Kenney Chesney or Tim McGraw! It cracks me up just because I’ve never considered him the cowboy hat and boots type of country singer lol You guys are real rockers!!! Ah! I’ve heard of some of those people! How cool that you walked down the aisle to Metallica! That’s going to be so much fun this weekend! As far as rock bands, I’ve only ever seen KISS (if you even consider them a rock band? I’m not sure). You’ll have to post about this weekend so I can read about it! Sounds like its going to be a great time! There’s nothing better than seeing your favorite artists live!


  2. Aww that photo of baby Amanda & the band members is too cute!! I love that your mom made you & your sister fans of Keith & then you got Joey into him, too!! How fun that you followed his tour all the way to Las Vegas that time. 😄

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  3. Oh my gosh, girl! 27?! That’s amazing. I do love Keith Urban too. His songs are always so powerful. Also- you two are so stinking cute. Loved reading this. I think my favorite person I have seen perform is Ed Sheeran. He’s not even one of my favorite artists- but he is so talented!

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  4. […] I probably should’ve just titled this My favorite songs- EVER because with the exception of maybe 2, all of my favorite songs are Keith Urban songs. I know not too long ago, I let you all in on the little story of how my love for Keith Urban began, if you missed it, you can catch up here.  […]


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