My Favorite Songs- Keith Urban Edition


I probably should’ve just titled this My favorite songs- EVER because with the exception of maybe 2, all of my favorite songs are Keith Urban songs. I know not too long ago, I let you all in on the little story of how my love for Keith Urban began, if you missed it, you can catch up here

Well, Mr. Urban happened to release a new song two weeks ago, which I already love so so so much. It sent me down memory lane and I’ve officially rounded up my favorite songs from every album he’s ever released. SO if you haven’t heard any of his music till now, here is a good list to get you started! 

It is ordered from newest album release to the oldest. The first two are the newest releases but have yet to be attached to an album, so I’ve just left the year there for now, no album title. 

2020 – Polaroid (music video below ⇓) 


2020God Whispered Your Name

2018 Graffiti USteal My Thunder // Never Comin’ Down

2016  Ripcord Wasted Time // Habit of You // Gettin’ in the Way // Your Body // Worry Bout Nothin’

2013 FuseSomewhere in my car // Good Thing //  Little Bit of Everything

2010 Get Closer–  Long Hot Summer // Without You

2009 Defying GravityKiss a Girl // Sweet Thing // Only you can love me this way // I’m In

2006 Love, Pain, and the Whole Crazy ThingI Told You So // Faster Car 

2004 Be HereDays Go By // Better Life // Making Memories of Us //  You’re my Better Half

2002 Golden RoadSomebody Like You // Jeans On // You Look Good in my Shirt // Raining on Sunday // Who Wouldn’t Wanna be Me

1999 Keith UrbanYour Everything ** this is our first dance song, I get butterflies every time I hear it //  It’s a Love Thing // Where the Blacktop Ends


It was quite the walk down memory lane listening to all the albums and watching all the music videos. Isn’t it funny how a lyric or melody can quite literally bring you back to a moment in time? I can remember dancing in the kitchen watching music video releases with my mom, I can remember being at the front row of concerts holding up our signs, for one album release, my high school best friend and I even played hooky from school to go buy the CD so we could play it in the car all day. 

Do you have a particular artist or song that takes you back in time? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!






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