October Favorites

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  1. MY DAD’S BIRTHDAY MONTH ( With it being on Oct. 1st he finds a way to celebrate all month long and who can blame him?) 
  2. My baby BENTLEY’S BIRTHDAY MONTH (my baby kitten is turning 6 years old on the 8th)
  3. Freeform’s 31 Nights of Halloween Movie marathon- I mean, they play all the best classic movies! Give me some Hocus Pocus & The Nightmare Before Christmas all month long!
  4. PUMPKINS PUMPKINS PUMPKINS– whether that’s carving, baking, decorating, I LOVE IT ALL!
  5. Costumes– Joey and I LOVE making our own costumes every year and love surprising everyone with what we’re being! We have a few things in the works right now so stay tuned on that front!
  6. Visiting the Pumpkin Patch– Is it really October if you don’t fill your house with an array of large and mini pumpkins?
  7. DECOR- This year, we’re going all out with the skeleton theme and have decorated everything with skulls and black fabric. I really love it and can’t wait to continue collecting pieces over the years. (My favorite purchase is the skeleton figurine posted here in this post!) 
  8. BAKING– I cannot wait to have a girl’s night where we can bake some cute Halloween cookies while watching some (not so scary) Halloween movies!

If this were Joey’s post, it would definitely start with anything and everything related to SCARY. He loves scary movies, horror nights, fright fest, all that nonsense that I am DEFINITELY not into in the slightest! Last year, he made me watch all the SAW movies in order so that we could go see the new one that came out on Halloween (what a joke). This year, we have a new arrangement. I will not watch any Saw movies ever again, and we will be taking turns choosing the Halloween movie, giving me a break from all the horror and gore! I’m thinking a lot of Disney Channel original movies are coming his way. Anyone remember HalloweenTown?? 

Till next time!



  1. Halloween Town was the bestttt. So much fun this month (and birthdays!). I also love baking in the fall – for some reason I get way more in the mood for it in autumn. Thanks for sharing, Amanda!

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  2. Love October, Halloween, and all things associated with this time! Nick’s birthday is also this month on the 7th, which we start the celebration today. I love your list. It is very similar to mine, with the addition to reading all paranormal/horror/ghost novels as well for the month.
    Funny you mentioned Halloweentown. I wasn’t familiar with the movie until my younger sister mentioned it recently. We’re actually taking a sister-bonding trip together and will be getting dressed up and going to the real Halloweentown. I seriously have to watch the movie before we go, though! 🙂

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    • no freaking way!!! Where is the real Halloweentown?? That sounds like it’s going to be such an amazing time! You’ll definitely have to watch the movie before!! I cannot wait to hear all about your time there!

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      • Yes, the real Halloweentown where the movie was filmed…in St. Helen’s, Oregon. I’ll do a blog post about it afterwards!


  3. October is definitely the best month!! I love that you two make your own costumes. My husband & I are trying to think of some kind of costumes without breaking our budget and it’s been a real struggle, haha. I hope you will share about your costumes!
    Also I am so with you on all the horror and gory stuff. I can’t handle it. O.O I don’t know how you handled watching the Saw movies! We are making a list of all the family-friendly Halloween movies to watch this month; so far, we’ve watched Hocus Pocus and Goosebumps. XD I’ve never seen HalloweenTown, but Joshua (my husband) just mentioned it to me also! I think we will have to watch it. 😉

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    • I absolutely love October! Thank you girlie! We’ve got a few ideas in the works! The trouble is always trying to figure it out without spending a fortune! I feel ya on that! I will share all about ours for sure!!! I literally had nightmares about my family and I being in some sort of twisted SAW like situation. it was the worst. I won’t be doing that again this year! lol I’ve never seen Goosebumps! Is it good? You’ll for sure have to watch Halloweentown! That’s a classic and I’m sure you’ll love it!

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      • Wonderful!! I can’t wait to see them. ^_^ Joshua & I aren’t very good at making things ourselves, so we’ve been looking around for pieces we can put together to make an outfit haha. XD Oh nooo that sounds terrible!! O.O
        Goosebumps was pretty good! It was really funny and not scary at all but it still had a Halloween feel to it. We’ll be watching it again next year! Yesss, hopefully we can watch HalloweenTown this coming weekend! 🙂

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