The Santa Anita Race Track

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The Santa Anita Race track, more commonly referred to as Santa Anita Park, is an amazing venue built for thoroughbred race horses to do their thing, and according to their marketing brochure and website, it is considered by many to be the world’s most beautiful race track- a claim I wouldn’t even second guess after being there myself.

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This Sunday we had the opportunity to attend the races and even sit in one of the owners’ boxes. It was such a great time. Joey grew up near the Santa Anita Racetrack so of course grew up going to the races, and I’ve always wanted to go. 5 years later we finally made it happen!

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Now I’m not one for betting or gambling really, but at the races you have to have a little fun. We ended up staying for all 9 races, which we did bet on and I happened to have picked the winners of 6 of the 9 races!!! Some say it was beginner’s luck, but I actually happen to think I have a nag for this horse racing thing. Unfortunately, I cannot share my trade secrets just yet! But maybe one day 😉

We walked the entirety of the grounds and were even able to pet some of the “pace” horses/carriage pulling horses. Of course the million dollar race horses were off limits and very guarded and hidden before and after their races.

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Below is a list of 5 things I learned while at Santa Anita Park.

  1. In 1940 Seabiscuit won the Santa Anita Handicap in the last start of his career, on this track.
  2. In 1942 racing at the track was suspended due to the Second World War and it was turned into an “assembly” center for Japanese Americans.
  3. In 2000 the racetrack was named to America’s “Most Endangered Historic Places” list.
  4. Multiple movies have been shot and filmed at the location, including the Marx Brothers’ “A Day at the Races” and a Shirley Temple film, “The Story of Seabiscuit.”
  5. George Woolf, the jockey of Seabiscuit, opened up a restaurant fittingly named “The Derby” which still operates today not far from the racetrack.

Have any of you ever been to the races?? One of my best friends goes to the Kentucky Derby every year so now that’s for sure on my list! Also, more for my memory than of any interest to anyone else, below are the names of the horses we bet on and won!

  • Glorious Hour
  • Big League
  • Lucky Staxx
  • Ransomed
  • Bunny Yogurt
  • Siberian Iris

They do have pretty interesting names though! Hope everyone has a great week! Below is a video of our experience as well!

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  1. About once a year, my family and I go up to the Charlestown races in West Virginia. We went last year for our engagement party with family and I won about $40 on the races and another $50 from the slot machines in the casino. 🙂

    Fun fact: a friend of mine has one of Seabiscuit’s granddaughters. Her name is Inny and I get to ride her on occasion. She is quite the character and a joy to ride.

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    • Holy cow! That sounds like so much fun! I’d love to make it a tradition to go at least once a year. I never knew it would be so much fun, and so addicting! lol. That’s amazing about your friend having a relative of Seabiscuit! I bet she’s an amazing horse to be around! Does she race at all?

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