Valentine’s Day- the Engaged version

Wow! What an amazing week and a half! Tomorrow will mark our first Valentine’s Day since we got engaged! 


I’m still on absolute cloud 9 and don’t think the feeling will ever fade.  I can’t help but call Joey fiance, every chance I get! Any of you married/engaged folk ever feel that way? It’s like I’m obsessed with the word! Now if you’re wondering how soon I’m going to get on to all the festivity planning, don’t hold your breathe lol. We plan on taking our time and enjoying this engaged life for probably another month before we start even the beginning stages of planning. And of course, throughout the process I’ll be here with updates and probably lots of questions for those of you who have already been through the process of planning a wedding (the fact that I’ve even just typed that gives me goosebumps!)


What’s everyone doing for Valentine’s Day this year?? Joey and I plan on cooking dinner together and then curling up and watching a few movies!




  1. I too love calling Fella my fiance! It really does just roll off the tongue. We started planning a couple months after getting engaged and everything happened so fast. Within a week, we had a date, a venue, a guest list, an officiant, save the dates selected, and a honeymoon booked. Of course there are other details to get hammered out, but I think we’re at least on the right track.

    As for Valentine’s Day shenanigans, I’m breaking my diet for the night and we’re ordering pizza and feasting on doughnuts for dessert. I can’t wait!!

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