What’s up next!

Hey guys!

Hope everyone’s been having a good week! It’s been a crazy busy one for me! Today is actually my mom’s birthday and then Joey’s birthday is Friday! So it’s been a week of madness planning things! We’ll be going out to dinner with a big group of friends Friday night to celebrate, and I cannot wait to see everyone; many of which I haven’t seen in SO long!


Then Saturday morning, bright and early we’ll be headed up to Big Bear to enjoy a weekend in the snow! I’m so happy that we are actually able to go, I was thinking this was going to be the first year that we haven’t made it up to the snow and honestly that was really bumming me out (to say the least).  But we’re going!!!! I’m so excited! You can follow along on Insta if you have it! @amandac_smith and leave a comment (somewhere) to let me know so I can follow you back! Otherwise, a recap post will come next week!

Happy weekending and finish this week strong!

Also, Joey’s sporting some new hair now a days, and I love it!





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