The final stretch.


I grew up on old western movies and tales of the “good ol times” living on the ranch. My grandparents were veryΒ Western and my dad and uncles love telling all their camping stories.Β Most of which took place in Montana, but nonetheless, Β Dodge City was a perfect place to stay when we wound up in Kansas!

First of all- our hotel was the most cowboy decked out place I’ve ever been. And my aunt and uncle have a bedroom in their home literally dedicated to the wild west and cowboy memorblia. They would have been in heaven here. Granted, the town has a reputation of being a ghost town, so not much was going on, maybe also due to the time of year we were there.


On our way out we visited “Boot Hill.” Which is an area of Dodge City that’s been preserved and kept as it was before, years and years ago during the wild, wild west days.




We took our time walking through and learning about life in the wild west and then it was off to Colorado.


I wish I could tell you where we took these photos, but the truth is I have no idea and neither does Joey, oopps. But somewhere between Kansas and Colorado, thats for sure!


Look at how beautiful all the scenery is! At this point, the weather was also heating up, which made getting out of the car so much better.


With the trip winding down, we started to really reflect and appreciate the trip in its entirety and already longed to plan another road trip right away.

We arrived in Colorado pretty late at night, mainly because driving throught the Rocky Mountains was breathtaking so we chose to pull over and stare up at the sky for a couple hours. The road through the mountains wasn’t lit other than reflectors here and there, which if you’ve ever seen the sky outside of a city, is just pure magic.

It was the clearest sky I’d ever seen. I felt like I could literally see a million stars. It was so mesmerizing. Then we ended up seeing some elk cross our path and were just in awe of that as well. So getting to our hotel by 8 pm was just out of the question and it ended up happening around 11/12 pm instead.


We got up relatively early the next morning and made it to the Four Corners Monument. Another bucket list item of mine, ever since I’d seen “A Walk to Remember” I’ve been pretty obsessed with finding ways of being in more than one place at once, and where in the world can you be in FOUR places at once!


The monument connects Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. Sadly, this was our last stop of our trip and made it home that very night.

I would do this trip over and over if I could. It’s one of those things where looking back part of me is like how in the world did we even do all that! But I think that’s also what made it so amazing. We literally just took off, it was so spontaneous and freeing to do.

Now we’re even considering driving from Florida, back home to California for the holidays- so if any of you have some tips for going through some southern states, please share! About the only bucket list place I have so far is visiting New Orleans. Oh yea, and if we do make the drive, we’ll have my 3 year old baby kitten with us! So please share advice on traveling with a cat if you have any! (Luckily she does very well in the car).

Thank you so much for following along and hope you enjoyed our journey as much as we did!





  1. Dodge City/Boot Hill looks awesome, it’s like going back in time! So cool. And so are those stone momument things. It’s awesome what unexpected things you can find along a days worth of travel. My mom drove through the Rocky Mountains a few years back and would gloat about how I need to go see it some day….thanks mom for not taking me back then ha But its so true, living inthe city, I rarely see stars at night so it must be magical being in the dark wide open with a starry night sky! I’m so happy you shared your trip with all of us!

    xo, JJ

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  2. Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico are definitely my favorite places between Florida and California! Also, Austin is really fun and of course, great barbecue. I would also recommend Kansas City, MO because I lived there for 2 years and it’s awesome but it’s a bit out of the way.

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