It’s all down hill from here.

Well, kinda. The rush and excitment of getting to New York and enjoying the city had come to an end. But we still had tons of things planned for the trip back home. Including a Β visit to Niagra Falls.



I literaly did not think I would be colder than I was in New York. But I was wrong. The entire trip, literally from CA to NY, I spent with at least one layer underneath my actual clothes. Visiting Niagra Falls, I had about 4!



It was beautiful though and a bucket list place to visit for sure.

We went back to Indiana to stay another night with my family, where we had a family dinner and the next morning it was off again.


We stayed in St. Louis, Missouri and I have to admit, it was alot more interesting than I thought it would be. In our hotel, we saw a brochure to go up in the Gateway Arch (something we had never even heard of) and planned to go the next day. St. Louis is another pretty old, historical city and alot of their architecture reflects that.





For anyone going through the St. Louis area, I definitely recommend taking a trip up the arch, as long as your not caustrophobic or afraid of heights! When you get to the top, you are 630 feet above ground. You sit in a little egg shaped cart that literally goes up the arch, you can even feel it twist when you get close to the top.

Also! In St. Louis, we stayed at the coolest hotel! It was called the Drury Plaza Hotel, right across from The Gateway Arch. It was a super unique, old fashioned hotel very different from the places we previously stayed throughout the trip.

Next stop was Dodge City, Kansas!





  1. What! I didn’t know you could go up the arch!? I don’t see where you can lol
    Niagra Falls is so pretty, that’s one of the place I’ve gone but when I was younger. I just remember at night when the falls would change different colors, it was awesome!

    xo, JJ

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