Wishing I could pause time.

*A final post on our amazing week*

As I sit here typing this, I’m realizing how often I wish I could relive days or pause time. Anyone else feel that way? I’m not complaining either, I realize having so many of these moments must mean I’m enjoying my life (which I very seriously am). I feel very lucky to have great friends, family, and a relationship I treasure with all my heart. I only hope others out there have the exact same thing in their lives. And spending this past week with one of my best friends really made me realize just how lucky I am.

After getting back from Walt Disney World, the rest of the week literally flew by. I cannot believe how quick the days went! We spent the next 4 days staying up wayy to late watching movies, making desserts (hello pumpkin flavored everything), sleeping in till 10 am; I even managed to force Natalie to go on a few runs with me. She’s a champ for going with me, the heat here is no joke, especially compared to our native California weather, but she stuck it out!

We spent Sunday exploring Wynwood Walls, eating at the Butcher Shop, and snacking on the best all natural popsicles I’ve ever had.


It’s been awhile since I’ve wandered down to Wynwood, so I was looking forward to seeing some new artwork displays (I have no idea how often new murals are painted so it’s always a surprise to me :)) This trip we saw some new, pretty political artwork that I for one, thought was amazing and displayed a pretty powerful message.



Monday was spent in Fort Lauderdale, where we went to Louie Bossi’s and enjoyed a little Martini Monday 🙂


Tuesday was our last full day and we did not take it for granted! We went down to Key Largo to go kayaking- Natalie and I doubled, while Joey got a single kayak. I’m not going to lie… Natalie and I really struggled at first and crashed like every 30 seconds. At one point we even jumped off the kayak to swim for a little bit because we were sick of rowing. We had so much fun though, regardless of  all the crashing. Side note- we rowed the whole way back against the wind- giving my arms the biggest workout they’ve had in like a year. And they’re still sore 2 days later.


Afterwards, we took Natalie to Robbie’s Marina and had her feed the tarpon fish (see previous post here        ). Of course, we did so without having first told her that they jump out of the water- her reaction was just priceless. Our night was then complete with some authentic key lime pie as we drove home.

Wednesday, before dropping her off at the airport, we enjoyed brunch down in Coconut Grove- our favorite local spot, Greenstreet Cafe, currently has the best pumpkin pancakes I’ve ever had! Then it was off to the airport, where I cried saying good bye and the whole way home.

We had the best week together and I already miss Natalie so much. Waking up this morning and only making one cup of coffee just didn’t seem right. BUT we will be reunited soon and I cannot wait!

Thank you Ging for just the best week, I love you so so much.




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