Wynwood Walls


IMG_8722.JPGOne of the first places I remember looking up while I was still in LA, was Wynwood Walls. It was on nearly every “Top attractions in Miami” list I found myself reading. And it didn’t disappoint. Although, as much as it is a tourist attraction, I think it’s even more special to locals. Every day they have something going down in Wynwood, they have free yoga classes, ice cream socials, bands playing, gallery openings, food trucks, etc. There’s always something new happening down in the area. Any time we find ourselves looking for something to do, we always know we can head down to Wynwood for a good time.


My absolute favorite mural πŸ™‚


We’ve even been to Wynwood on two different occasions and happened to find ourselves in the midst of celebrities. One evening, when we actually went early for a local food truck event we walked in on the beginning of a wedding and stood at the entrance among hundreds of paparazzi and tourists watching different celebrities, one by one, get out of their cars and make their way inside. Of course inside was private and closed off, but so many people walked right past us, Ryan Seacrest, Hulk Hogan, Gabrielle Union, some retired basketball legends that only my boyfriend knows their names ;), and then the last couple of people, whom the crowd went NUTS for: Kourtney Kardashian, followed by Β Kim and Kanye West. It was crazy.


The second time we were going to a free block party for the movie Suicide Squad, for the sole reason that Joey is an avid Will Smith fan, and there he was! Along with other cast members, on a stage. He even performed his song, “Miami,”it was quite a sight to see and so much fun!


Wynwood is totally an area where you just “go with it,” anything can happen and you can find yourself walking up to truly anything, which makes it so much fun. The galleries are all free to explore, some of them outdoor, some indoor. And they have the best little eateries. Our favorites are The Butcher Shop and El Patio (which turns into a little club at night, SO FUN!) Β There’s also the best little organic juice shop right inside the main outdoor gallery, perfect for sipping on while you walk around in the heat!


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  1. From a former Californian living in the northeast (who’s parents live in Florida): Welcome! Sixteen years out east makes me realize that California, while wonderful, isn’t for me.

    Be sure to visit the northeast (Boston, NYC, Philly, DC) in the fall!


    • Thank you!! and thank you for your advice! Boston has been my list of places to visit for so long! I have family in NYC actually, but haven’t been to DC or Philly! I’ll add those to my list πŸ™‚


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