Key West Sunset Celebration.

keywestsunsetLet me start off by saying this is by far the BEST sunset I’ve ever seen, my photos don’t do it justice. ┬áThe celebration takes place on Mallory Square, a long boardwalk/pier located right on the water. Two hours before sunset, crowds of people and local performers begin to fill up the street and just marvel together at the beauty of the sun sinking down into the Gulf of Mexico. The sky turns a bright orange/pink and then into a deep purple/pink right above the indigo color of the ocean. You can see sailboats sailing across the ocean, casting a dark shadow against the brightness of the sky. It really is unlike any other sunset.

keywestsunset2We arrived about an hour before the sun went down and got some drinks at the Sunset Pier bar and then found some space to watch the sun go down.




skylineOnce the celebration is over, everyone continues to celebrate with the performers up and down the boardwalk. The whole atmosphere down in Key West is so unique and unlike any other place I’ve ever been. There are tightrope walkers, comedians, musicians, magicians, a clown, man on a unicycle, one of those guys who swallows knives and dances with fire, and my favorite, a cat man. You’ll have to google ‘Key West Cat man’ to see what I mean. It’s pretty remarkable.


Another post about our weekend in Key West coming soon!




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