10 Simple Ways to Increase Productivity

**at least, these are 10 simple things that work for me!

+ Make your bed in the mornings : you’ll already have done something before your day has even started!

+ Make to-do lists : just making a list will help keep you on track and organized. And it feels good to be able to check things off as you go!

+ Keep a day planner : helps keep track of events you have going on and deadlines as they approach!

+ Read for 10 minutes a day : I try to read at least a chapter of whatever book I’m currently reading before bed! But you could also do this on your lunch break, in the mornings, whenever you find time!

+ Exercise : even if that means squeezing in a 10 minute Youtube video workout, that counts!

+ Drink a ton water : I get so happy when I have to refill my canteen while I’m working. It makes me feel good that I’m keeping my body hydrated and if I get nothing else done, at least I drank a lot of water!

+ Plan your weekly meals : that way you’ll get everything you actually need from the grocery store and won’t fall victim to ordering out because you’ve already committed to making certain meals on certain days!

+ Light candles : I don’t know why, but lighting candles while I’m cooking or showering at the end of the day sparks some sort of inspiration in me to either cook more or throw on an extra skin treatment before bed, something about candles just sets the mood and makes doing extra seem more luxurious.

+ Put your phone on airplane mode : whether you’re working out, at work, committing to a task, shopping, etc if you don’t want to get distracted, silence your phone so that you can really focus!

+ Actually do the breathing exercise your Apple watch keeps alerting you of : I’m guilty of silencing that thing probably a million times a day, but I have to admit, on the off chance that I do actually do it, I feel better afterwards!

Any tips or tricks you have for increasing productivity during your day to day activities? LMK in the comments!

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