Met Gala 2023 : A Fashion Review

Alright, so call me old school, but I’ve always LOVED the Met gala and watching everyone show up in their over the top gowns. I used to watch the Joan Rivers fashion reviews on E! News and always loved her non-filtered banter and review of outfits. As an ode to that, here are my 10 favorite and 10 least favorite looks for this years gala.

My all time best-dressed attendee (Blake Lively) did not go this year, and I’m so bummed! I always look forward to her looks and the stories built into her looks, down to every detail.

10 Favorite Looks

Okay, Jared Leto’s look I particularly enjoyed because we all know how much Karl Lagerfeld loved his cat, so this was very on theme and very cheeky to me! And totally unexpected to be honest, so I thought that was a lot of fun!

Best Dressed for me is Nicole Kidman. She always looks stunning and classy. My second best dressed would be Anne Hathaway, I felt her look was so unique and nicely done.

10 Least Favorite Looks

Some of these looks were just a little too boring for me, doing too much, or were a little bit like what the heck is going on here. I love Rachel Brosnahan but this look is just so boring for me, and obviously you’ll garner attention from being basically half naked, but can’t we do something else for attention?

Well, did you watch the Met Gala looks? Who was your favorite?


  1. The female in the top left pic of your least favorites is giving Mayor of Halloween Town in Nightmare Before Christmas. 😅


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