10 Things to do @ night instead of staring at your phone

One of my resolutions for 2023 was to spend less time on my phone- especially at night. Unless I’m texting or in the middle of working on something (which is rare late at night these days, hi boundaries!!), I generally am away from my phone at 9 pm (the latest), some nights, it’s 8:30 pm and those are pretty great nights LOL.

In lieu of being on the phone, I’ve realized I am a much more productive person at night! Here are some ideas for how to spend your time at night, before bed, instead of being on your phone!

+ Take a bath : Soak in some epsom salts or prepare yourself a lavender bubble bath! Light some candles if you really want to set a spa-esque vibe!

+ Do a face mask : I’ve never taken my skincare more seriously and I feel like it’s so much easier to commit to doing a face mask 2-3 times a week when I know I’ve set aside the time to do so!

+ Stretch, foam roll, or even work out : I like to pull out my yoga mat after putting my daughter down at night and either doing a short workout before jumping in the shower, or if I’ve already done my workout for the day, I like to do some light stretching or foam roll!

+ Read : I read for about 30 min before bed every night! It’s a great way to slow my mind down from the never-ending to do list in my head before going to sleep!

+ Plan your week : On Sunday’s I like to write down in my day planner the list of things I need to get done during the week. If I’m helping throw a party over the weekend, I write down the things I’ll need to pick up throughout the week or when I need to do all the DIY things to have it done in time, I try to plan meals for the week based on what groceries we bought over the weekend and write those down too, I also write my content out and plan when I’m supposed to be posting/promoting certain things on my socials!

+ Journal : I don’t really do this anymore, but when I went through a bout of insomnia years ago, journaling before bed was recommended to me and it helped me back then!

+ Catch up on your favorite (or any) TV show

+ Paint your nails : Sometimes before bed, I’ll paint my nails and then just let them dry in peace as I’m watching a movie or one of my shows!

+ Make/fill your Pinterest board! Pinterest is a great place to search for inspiration for just about everything and anything! Find new workouts, new recipes, new styles you might like! And add it all to a board to save for later!

+ Clean makeup brushes : I bought this cleaner and have been cleaning my makeup brushes much more regularly at night!

There you have it! What’s part of your nightly routine? Anything I didn’t think of?

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