Toddler Easter Basket

So I kinda take it easy on Easter for Avery just because we always come home with about 100 Easter baskets from throughout the day- I guess that’s the big plus for being the only little one in the family (at least on my side of the family), she’s one lucky girl to be as spoiled as she is!

We cannot wait to celebrate Easter and I’m so excited to give Avery her little goodie basket. Click the links to shop!

+ Disney Princess Coloring Book

+ Bluey Coloring Book

+ Spidey and his Amazing Friends Coloring Book

+ You’re my little Honey Bunny book

+ Spring Sings for the Grouchy Ladybug book

+ Marble Chalk— this one is actually cuter than the ones I got! They’re Easter egg shaped!

+ Minnie Mouse LED light- found at Target for $3! (I couldn’t find a link)

+ Frozen surprise plush ball

+ Bunny Ears (white) and Bunny Ears (brown)

+ Kinetic Sand Easter Eggs – got at Target, couldn’t find a link but this is a cute Easter sand set!

+ Craft Easter Eggs – can’t wait to paint and decorate with Avery!

+ Jellycat White Bunny

I also threw in some Spring Disney dresses I found at Target that were just too cute!

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