Unpopular Opinion: The Kardashians

Alright, so this might also be a popular opinion? I’m not really sure, I guess you all can let me know if you’re reading this. Here it is- I loathe the Kardashians. The whole clan of them. Literally cannot stand them and I actually get so sad when I think about all the girls who are growing up on social media being bombarded with them and being influenced and fed their lifestyle and drama.

Here’s my reasoning and I’d love to hear your thoughts as well; for one, I feel like for whatever reason, they have this obsession with looking older than they are which in turn makes the younger girls who look up to them, want to do the same. My niece (who might kill me for saying this), wears makeup and lipstick and has done botox and fillers in the past AND SHE’S 18. I mean, come on, Kylie Jenner (imo) looks almost like a 50 year old woman to me ( I mean not saying she looks bad) but I certainly didn’t (and still don’t) look anything like that in comparison when I was 21. Side note: have you seen those videos of the women dressing up like it’s the early 2000’s in their Holister layered tanks and jeans? And then it cuts to how girls the same age are dressing now? It cracks me up and makes me cringe at the same time, and I’m really sorry, but I’m putting a lot of that blame on the Kardashians.

Second, and call me modest or prude or whatever other negative connotation can be handed to someone who’s never felt the need to post something sexual on social media- but the photos they post drive me crazy. And I know there’s a whole female empowerment movement or whatever that can be attached to the photos to somehow spin it into something “positive” but I just feel like why do we have to be basically forced to see naked photos of this entire family, constantly?

Third, and probably not last, but at least where I’ll stop for now, the photoshopping and editing. I feel like every time I open the news app on my phone, the entertainment section has some form of a Kardashian photoshop fail. And I laugh, but I’m also like shit- all the millions of people who follow them are seeing these things and yea, maybe half know it’s not real but what about the ones who look at their photos and then see something that they’ll never be able to live up too, without realizing that that photo isn’t even real? It’s such a terrible cycle and I feel so bad for the generations of people, even friends of mine who I know follow this family, for feeling the need to keep up with whatever this family is doing or spinning.

Alright, rant over. Let me know where you stand in the comments!


  1. Maybe because I’m not on many social media platforms or consume content with them being the focus, but to me, they’re just like any Hollywood starlet–who cares?? I will say, I do commend Kim for her efforts within the legal system, but I don’t know anything about the rest of them.

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    • That’s an interesting point! I think you’re totally right! I think if you aren’t on a ton of social media platforms, you probably don’t end up seeing much of their stuff or the kind of stuff they promote that inadvertently finds its way into the lives of the younger generations. Maybe that’s the trick! Lol

      My husband has a similar point of view, who cares about anyone famous really 🤣

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  2. Your post is totally right. It makes me sad to see beautiful young women posting images of them self in provocative ways when they don’t need to. Or having procedures done at such a young age. The whole bunch of K family are not pretty in any sense.


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