Honest Co. Favorites- for the Little Ones

+ Calm Shampoo and Body Wash

+ Calm Bubble Bath

+ Organic Baby Diaper Rash Cream

+ Diaper Rash Spray: this was perfect to use on the go!

+ Organic All Purpose Balm : I love this balm! I have it in all the bathrooms and pack it in Avery’s backpack whenever we’re out! It’s perfect for chapped skin, especially on the cheeks and around the nose for the seemingly never ending runny nose she’s had LOL.

+ Hand Sanitizer Spray : I cannot count how many of these I have stashed in purses, bags, both cars, they’re EVERYWHERE! And they’re so easy to keep on hand!

+ Sanitizing Wipes : these are great on the go to wipe down restaurant tables! We take these with us to Disneyland every time we go!

+ Fragrance Free Lotion : use this in the morning and throughout the day if Avery’s skin feels dry.

Simply follow the links to shop some of my favorite products!

**this post is in collaboration with The Honest Co. all opinions are my own**

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