Valentine’s Day Basket for Toddler

Since becoming a mom, I have to say, I’ve loved every single holiday SO much more than I did before. I just get so excited to build little gifts and decorate the house for my daughter. Things I never did before for the smaller holidays- like Valentine’s Day. This year, I got an early start and already put together Avery’s little Valentine’s Day basket! It’s now sitting in the laundry room awaiting the big day!

Here are the details of what’s inside

+ basket: this was a gift for her birthday from her cousins, I absolutely adore it and will use it over and over again for all the various holidays! (also a win for one of my resolutions this year- to be less wasteful and make things multi-useful!)

+ heart sunglasses : dollar section at Target! Here are some similar ones I found online that I actually ordered as well to put in goodie bags for the kids in her class at school.

+ piggy paint nail polish and nail polish remover

+ heart clips (two sets) : the red ones are from the dollar section at Target and the Wild Fable ones are Target as well. Here are some similar ones!

+ Cuddle Bug book

+ purple “be mine” ducky : also dollar section at Target!

+ Disney princess toy microphone : bought this at Target, but found a Frozen version online.

+ new pjs!

+ dot art paint markers and coloring books: if you have a toddler, I cannot recommend these enough! These were gifted to us and I already gave them to Avery to play with and she’s enthralled with them! The markers are easy to clean and create much less of a mess than normal markers, since your kid can’t just draw with them like they would a regular marker, they actually have to press down and create the paint “dot” to color. I love them! They have various coloring books and sets of different colored paint markers available for purchase. I’ve linked their website!

Happy Valentine’s month lovers!!

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