Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin/Christmas Tree Farm

So back in October, Joey surprised me by taking me and Avery out to the biggest pumpkin patch in California– at least that’s what hooked him when he saw a few social media ads. I have to say, I believe them. The place was HUGE and quite literally felt like we had transported to HalloweenTown (if you don’t understand the reference, go watch the movie!!)

Anyways, they had tons of Fall related activities- even launching miniature pumpkins from a canyon. When we were leaving, we asked what we should do with our extra tickets that we didn’t end up using- you buy a little plastic card and load “tickets” onto it with a QR code and your “tickets” allow you to do different activities: visit the petting zoo, train rides, pumpkin launching, the corn maze, etc. When the employee told us they could be used for the winter season when the farm turns into a Winter Wonderland, we knew we’d be back.

We went a few weeks ago on a Friday and it was SO much fun. Avery got to meet Santa, feed and pet some farm animals, roast s’mores, watch Home Alone on the big screen, and run around a ton of lit up scenery! If you’re close and have little ones, I cannot recommend visiting the farm enough. Although- I’d say it’s better to visit at night (because of the Christmas lights) which means dress warm!! It is free to enter the farm, you only load your card up if you want to do any activities. They also have food and drink booths around the property where you pay cash/card. We had probably the BEST hot chocolate I’ve ever had from one of the booths!

Here’s the link for directions and more information about the farm!

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