Things that make me feel on top of my s&^%

I feel like we all have those days where we feel on top of the world and like we’ve accomplished it all. Then, there are also those days where maybe everything feels like it’s going wrong or not going particularly the way we’d like it too.

No matter the type of day I’m having there are a few things really make me feel on top of my shit either way.

+ Having a clean house : Call me OCD but I really hate it when my house is a mess. And with a toddler, I spend a lot of my time most nights cleaning up and putting away toys and books, but it brings me peace when it’s put away (even though I know the next morning it’ll all be brought out again, LOL).

+ Doing my skincare correctly : Even on those nights where I am utterly exhausted, I know that if I do my skincare routine, no matter what, I’ll feel better about it at the end of the night! And then when I look back on the week and see that I did my face mask 2-3x that week (as is routinely recommended but rarely followed), I feel pretty good about myself! And I can even tell a difference in my skin!

+ Exercising : This is probably true for everyone, but there’s no better feeling than finishing a workout! Even if my work day was a mess, as long as I can come home and do something to move my body , I feel better about the overall day.

+ Reading : I love reading at the end of the day before bed, even if it’s only for 5 minutes before passing out.

+ Making the bed : This has been more difficult for me since my husband and I have alternating schedules most days, but when I can- you best believe my bed is made before I leave the house in the morning!

Is there anything you do that makes you feel accomplished no matter how the rest of the day went?

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