Halloween Costume Inspo

I cannot wait to show you guys this years costume! It is almost complete and I cannot wait to shoot the photos!

I thought I’d do a round-up of all our previous Halloween costumes, in case anyone needs any inspo!

+ 2021: Last year we were Mike, Sulley, and Boo from Monster’s Inc. You can follow this link here to shop the looks! I’ve had A LOT of questions and requests about Joey’s costume (even some people willing to buy it from me), but we really DIY’d the whole thing and after Halloween, we actually threw it out! Joey was pretty hot in it and sweaty and well, because we sewed the fur fabric onto an already thick sweatsuit, we didn’t think it’d wash well.

Now I’ll be more detailed with the looks going back in time since I don’t think I’ve really blogged them completely before.

+ 2020 Winnie the Pooh & Tigger

Winnie the Pooh

+ Yellow Bodycon Dress: I found mine at Forever 21, but here’s one that is similar!

+ Red cropped sweatshirt

+ Yellow Scrunchies

+ Red Balloon : we went and had one blown up at Party City the day of πŸ™‚


+ Orange Jumpsuit : I think we actually found this sweatsuit as is, from Target (?) I’m not entirely sure. But you could also DIY and get this sweatsuit and spray paint the black stripes on yourself!

+ Tail & Ears : Joey refused to wear anything more and we decided on this costume pretty last minute due to me being pregnant AF and not having the energy to do much. BUT if your partner is in, this set of ears and tiger tail is really cute!

+ 2019 Skeleton Bride & Groom

+ White Grease Paint

+ Black Grease Paint

+ Black Long Sleeve Dress

+ Black Head Piece : I can’t find my exact one, but this one would work perfect!

+ Black floral bouquet: I just went and bought some faux black roses from Michael’s to make a bouquet. I added some purple because it’s my favorite color and 2 days after Halloween of 2019, we had our wedding where purple was the accent color, so thought that was a cute little detail to add!

+ Black Men’s Suit : Joey wore an all black ensemble we already had

** pro tip: get dressed in your costume FIRST, prior to putting any of the grease paint makeup on!

+ 2018 Men in Black

This might honestly have been the easiest costume we’ve ever done to date.

+ Sunglasses

+ Suits : we wore Joey’s suits, but if you don’t have access to a husband with multiple suits LOL, you can also try GoodWill!

+ 2017 Aladdin & Abu


+ White pants

+ Hats : we bought fabric from Joann’s, cut a red solo cup and glued the red felt over, then glued black stretchy string to the sides so that we could strap the hat under our chin to hold it on. We did the same thing for my Abu hat, only I also bedazzled mine with purple beads πŸ™‚

+ Vests : again, we bought fabric from Joann’s and actually sewed the vests together ourselves!

+ Belt: simple satin fabric from Joann’s that we had cut into the size we needed to make the belt and that was it!


+ Skirt : I actually bought a white one and had to spray paint it brown myself because the one I wanted (that I linked here) was sold out at the time.

+ Ears & Tail

+ Brown long sleeve tee : mine I got at Target and actually still have and wear it as an under shirt quite often LOL

+ Hat : as above

+ Vest: as above

+ 2016 Cruella Deville & Dalmation


+ Black/Red tights

+ Black Bodysuit

+ Black Mini Skirt : already had in my closet!

+ Red Satin Gloves

+ Fur Shaw : I bought the fabric from Joann’s, had it cut into a long rectangular shape and then spray painted the black dots on.

+ Hair : Black and Gray hair spray paint


+ White sweatsuit : we got ours from TJ Maxx, but this is also a good option! We spray painted the dots onto the suit and even added a little hidden mickey πŸ™‚

+ Hat

Well, that’s all I got for now! I will round up this years costume once we shoot it!

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