The Nightmare Before Christmas

A few weeks ago I put a poll up on my Instagram asking the age old debate of- what holiday do you watch the movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas for? Halloween or Christmas?

55% of people said Halloween and honestly, I was shocked at how close the two were! I consider it to be a Halloween movie and have never, not once, put it on come December. There were also some outliers of people who DM’d me separately saying they watch it for both! I even had the pleasure of debating a few people and in the end agreeing to disagree, LOL. Let me explain my case- the movie begins and majority of the time is set in HALLOWEEN TOWN. Like isn’t that enough to convince you it’s a Halloween movie? My second claim to fame for Halloween, would be the fact that all of the characters are in fact skeletons and monsters. ALSO, the songs within the movie are all centered upon and dedicated to Halloween, come on people!

Those are simple facts, the rest of why I believe it to be a Halloween movie, is personal preference. Come Christmas time, I want cozy, feel good movies, the cheesier the better! So watching skeleton and monsters doesn’t really fit the vibes I’m going for come winter.

To further support team Halloween, the films own composer, Danny Elfman, said in a 2019 interview, that for him, it is a Halloween movie. And that’s not it people! The films director, Henry Selick, said in a 2015 interview, AND I QUOTE: “It’s a Halloween movie.”

If you’re team Halloween, glad to have you! If you’re team Christmas, I’m sorry but we’ll forever have to agree to disagree.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but for the past couple of years, we’ve been going to a place out here In Orange County called Roger’s Gardens during the Halloween season. They always do a fun, themed Halloween boutique and this year their theme was in fact, THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS!

All the photos shared on this post are from the boutique and it was so fun to walk through and listen to all the great music from the movie!

If you’re in the area, I’d definitely recommend stopping by! Hope everyone has a great week!

One comment

  1. 100% agree; it’s arguably the best Halloween movie.

    I’d say the same debate can be had over Edward Scissor Hands. It’s a creepy movie that give off major Halloween vibes, but part of the movie takes place during Christmas. Under the same understanding most men have that Die Hard is a Christmas movie because it takes place during a company holiday party, does that make Edward Scissor Hands a Christmas movie as well….?


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